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Actavis recalls more than 60 generics, six flu vaccines OK'd

Six vaccines for the upcoming flu season, all of which contain influenza virus strains that are completely different from last year. ... The vaccines are Afluria, Fluarix, FluLaval, FluMist, Fluvirin and Fluzone. All health care workers should be
October 2008

HPV vaccination now impacts practice later

umbrella. While HPV vaccination has not been used long enough yet in the U.S. ... In addition, new CDC recommendations on the HPV vaccine schedule could make completion of the series easier and also change how internists need to approach catch-up
February 2017

New pneumonia vaccine option for patients over 50

A new indication for a pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate vaccine (Prevnar 13) to prevent pneumonia and invasive disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in people ages 50 years and older. ... The vaccine was already approved for use in children ages 6
March 2012

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna). Janssen Vaccine: A Third Vaccine in Our Fight Against COVID-19. ... COVID-19 variants on vaccine efficacy, comparative effectiveness of the different vaccines, and postvaccine behavior recommendations.
May 2021

First Ebola vaccine approved; FDA enforcement on e-cigs This column reviews details on recent recalls, warnings, and approvals. ... The first vaccine (Ervebo) approved for the prevention of Ebola virus
March 2020

Influenza featured at infectious disease meeting

Vaccine expert Paul A. Offit, MD, of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, spoke to attendees the first evening about the public debate over the merits of vaccination. ... One solution may to be lengthen the vaccination season. “Generally, we start
January 2010

COVID-19 vaccine development must balance speed, safety

Because we're going to need some good vaccines.”. Uptake of an eventual vaccine will be another challenge, stressed Dr. ... What I like to say is, ‘Vaccines don't save lives; vaccination saves lives.’ The vaccine dose that remains in the vial is 0%
June 2020

New vaccines, recommendations can make keeping up a chore

Managing adult vaccination has gotten even trickier recently, with new vaccines coming on the market and recommendations changing all the time. ... But although many vaccines are available, maintaining ideal vaccination rates can be difficult, and
September 2013

Can medical practices provide vaccine incentives?

1. The incentive or reward is furnished in connection with receiving a required dose or doses, depending on type, of a COVID-19 vaccine. ... meets the conditions for the clinician or supplier receiving vaccine supply from the federal government.
October 2021

A primer in safe vaccine management

These easy tips can be implemented in your practice to make sure that you keep your patients, employees and vaccines safe. ... Store vaccines according to the directions. Put them in the center part of the fridge.
July 2010

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