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New herpes zoster vaccine brings familiar challenges

Whether patients who have already received a previous herpes zoster vaccine will object to additional vaccination with the new vaccine remains to be seen, especially considering the latter's two injections, ... Whether patients who have already received
February 2018

HPV vaccination now impacts practice later

umbrella. While HPV vaccination has not been used long enough yet in the U.S. ... In addition, new CDC recommendations on the HPV vaccine schedule could make completion of the series easier and also change how internists need to approach catch-up
February 2017

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

On Jan. 12, ACP made recommendations about the provision, distribution, and payment of COVID-19 vaccines that address the role of physicians as vaccinators, the importance of communication and collaboration among
February 2021

High-dose flu vaccine for older adults

showed that the antibody response to flu vaccines is significantly lower in the elderly. ... I'm 65 and my husband is older: We opted for the high-dose vaccine.
September 2021

ACP Master speaks his mind on H1N1 vaccines for health care workers

ACP Master speaks his mind on H1N1 vaccines for health care workers. .
September 2021

Hints for preventive care in inflammatory bowel disease | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Of course we begin with age-appropriate vaccination, which we should be doing for all of our patients,” said Dr. ... If they aren't, we will redo it at the double dose of the vaccination.”.
April 2019

Do vaccines cause autism? A victory for science

This has been a wrenching issue for many families who are convinced that measles (MMR vaccine) or other vaccines caused their children to develop this serious illness. ... While every vaccine, including measles, has potential side-effects, these are rare
September 2021

QD: News Every Day--Less than one-third of PCPs stock all adult vaccines

For the other seven vaccines, internists were more likely (and sometimes nearly twice as likely) not to stock the vaccine than family practitioners. ... ACP's Center for Practice Improvement and Innovation offers an easy-to-follow primer on vaccination
September 2021

Heparin labeling changed, non-egg flu vaccine approved

Flucelvax, the first seasonal influenza vaccine licensed in the United States produced using cultured animal cells, instead of fertilized chicken eggs. ... In a trial, the vaccine was 83.8% effective in preventing influenza compared to placebo.
February 2013

New pneumonia vaccine option for patients over 50

A new indication for a pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate vaccine (Prevnar 13) to prevent pneumonia and invasive disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in people ages 50 years and older. ... The vaccine was already approved for use in children ages 6
March 2012

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