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Warning on diabetes drugs, approval of adjuvant flu vaccine

A trivalent vaccine (Fluad) for the prevention of seasonal influenza in people ages 65 years and older. ... In a trial of 7,082 older participants, the new vaccine and an existing one (Agriflu) induced comparable antibody levels.
February 2016

Follow a few simple steps to ensure safety with vaccines

give. Federal law also requires that every patient who gets a vaccination in your office receive an official and current VIS. ... Refrigerators. Do your refrigerators have signs indicating their use? You should store vaccines and other medications
March 2008

Mumps checks the National Hockey League

Some cases of mumps are no doubt due to failure of the vaccine to prevent the disease. ... We need to reexamine our vaccination practices, both to make sure vaccination is as near to universal as possible and to research into preventing vaccine failure (e
September 2021

What economic theory can teach us about retail clinics

For scenarios such as uncomplicated upper respiratory infections, scheduled vaccinations, or straightforward medication titration, for example, some clinics have begun innovating by extending hours, communicating with patients using digital platforms
June 2016

QD: News Every Day

vaccines. But state health commissioner Richard F. Daines, FACP, told Gannett News Service, "This isn't the time to pump air into a completely deflated argument about vaccine safety.".
September 2021

Attack of the Cuban chickens

actually has a law on the books that would prevent (or at least delay) the sharing of vaccines with any of the Axis of Evil countries (including North Korea, which is ... It's also unclear whether the regulation has any merit, since scientists quoted in
September 2021

MERS: a primer

Eye protection (goggles or face shield) is specifically recommended. • At this time, there is no available vaccine or chemoprophylaxis. .
September 2021

Reflexive Doubt: The Psychology Of Misguided Scientific Beliefs

As Hobson-West explains in Trusting blindly can be the biggest risk of all': organised resistance to childhood vaccination in the UK, vaccine rejectionists generally ignore the actual scientific data, focusing ... So vaccine rejectionism, like most forms
September 2021

Unvaccinated boy in Spain dies of diphtheria

Add to that some beautiful but idiotic celebrities who stoke fear about vaccine safety and a fraudulent study linking vaccines to autism and the result is a small but growing cadre ... Vaccine-preventable diseases are making a comeback because we're
September 2021

Creating a practice that's open to GLBT patients

Men who have sex with men have an increased risk of anal cancer, so they should be screened with anal cytology and receive the human papillomavirus vaccine when appropriate.
January 2013

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