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Health workers, public may refuse H1N1 vaccines

Participants were very concerned that in a pandemic, a vaccine would be brought to market without sufficient testing for safety," researchers wrote. ... And what would be the implications of getting the vaccine.". Meanwhile, a panel of U.S.
June 2021

2 years and counting...HPV vaccine controversy continues

The HPV vaccine definitely falls into the latter category. When we first covered it, the big issues were whether vaccination should be mandated and whether insurers would pay enough for it. ... One article reports postlicensure safety data from the
June 2021

Celebrities, candidates irresponsible about vaccination opinions

Celebrities, candidates irresponsible about vaccination opinions. Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has been in the health care headlines recently, saying the HPV vaccine was dangerous. ... Willoughby said, vaccine scares have caused vaccination
June 2021

New info on common outpatient infections

The FDA approved the vaccine in May 2006, and Boston neurologist Martin A. ... The vaccine is not recommended for patients who are immunocompromised or undergoing immunosuppression.
July 2008

Uptake of herpes zoster vaccine linked to supply

Ende. Due in part to that enthusiasm, the vaccine has been in short supply. ... O’Neill served as faculty, physicians reported problems getting the vaccine. For example, Dr.
October 2019

QI project helps raise vaccination rates

all vaccinations, of any kind, due mainly to concerns about safety or adverse effects, reported Sary O. ... Beidas, MD, FACP, associate program director for internal medicine residency. “Patients were saying, ‘We don't want this vaccine, period.
February 2018

QD: News Every Day

Flu vaccination. Health departments in three states began administering the first of the 7 million currently available H1N1 flu vaccine doses this week. ... and Europe. Worldwide, governments have ordered 440 million doses of GlaxoSmithKline's H1N1
June 2021

Warnings issued for antiepileptics, bowel prep, efalizumab

Patients should have received all age-appropriate vaccinations before starting the drug and should be educated about the signs and symptoms of infection, PML (confusion, dizziness or loss of balance, difficulty
February 2009

What is shingles?

People over the age of 60 are recommended to get Zostavax vaccine to help prevent an outbreak.
June 2021

Internists interacting with retail clinics

but not limited to the administration of any vaccination, prescriptions, tests, or postcare instructions.
February 2016

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