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CDC issues health advisory on polio vaccination for international travelers

The CDC issued a health advisory last week on polio vaccination for international travelers.
10 Jun 2014

FDA considers new approach to safe disposal of opioids

This column reviews details on recent recalls, alerts, and approvals.
1 Jun 2022

Adult immunization schedule recommends major changes to 3 vaccines

The changes involve the human papillomavirus (HPV), pneumococcal, and meningococcal (MenB) vaccines.
2 Feb 2016

Boosters, antithrombotic therapy, mental health effects, more COVID-19 news

FDA advisors recommended booster administration for the Moderna vaccine for certain populations, an ACP/Annals forum covered the immunology of SARS-CoV-2, a trial showed that neither aspirin nor apixaban benefited outpatients with COVID-19, and ACP partnered with YouTube to combat medical misinformation related to COVID-19.
19 Oct 2021

High-dose flu vaccine may work better in elderly people

A high-dose flu vaccine induced significantly higher antibody responses and provided better protection against laboratory-confirmed influenza than did its standard-dose counterpart among persons 65 years of age or older, an industry-funded study found.
19 Aug 2014

ACP, other medical groups urge physicians to strongly recommend HPV vaccination

ACP and 3 other national medical associations have issued a call urging physicians across the United States to educate their patients about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and to strongly recommend vaccination.
25 Feb 2014

Remain vigilant this ‘twindemic’ season

The CDC is anticipating a resumption of seasonal flu activity in the U.S., but the potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic this year remain unknown.
1 Oct 2021

New research on Pfizer pill, mental disorders after COVID-19, vaccine reactions

A manufacturer-funded trial quantified the effectiveness of nirmatrelvir/ritonavir in outpatients. A retrospective study found veterans had more mental health diagnoses and received more antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and opioids after COVID-19, while two other studies looked at reactions to second and third doses of the vaccines.
22 Feb 2022

Register now for next ACP, Annals of Internal Medicine forum on COVID-19

On Oct. 8, panelists will provide insight on the clinical implications of the immunology of SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 vaccine, including the status of booster doses and the efficacy of vaccination in various groups.
5 Oct 2021

New research on booster doses, breakthrough infections, long-term COVID-19 symptoms

A vaccine booster significantly reduced risk of severe disease or death from COVID-19, full vaccination provided more protection than previous infection, many patients reporting persistent symptoms did not have antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, and a trial of outpatient treatment was ineffective, recent studies found.
9 Nov 2021

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