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Letters to the Editor

With Arizona [Editor's note: After the story appeared, the state passed a medical marijuana ballot measure by 4,300 of 1.6 million votes cast], there are now 15 states ... Robert A. Murden, FACP. Columbus, Ohio. The letters to the editor in the
January 2011

Letters to the Editor Readers react to ACP Internist's coverage, offering more resources for alcohol screening and ways to rethink first-line treatment for hypertension. ... In my role as a medical advisor to the
April 2013

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to ACP Internist coverage of issues surrounding the time spent with patients, ICD-10 coding changes, and physician burnout. ... Editor's Note: Dr. Centor is the outgoing Chair of the
April 2015

Letters to the Editor

Some rural docs simply leave for the city (see those recruiting letters with “practices with no call”) or do locum tenems work. ... No estimate was available as to the exact cost. It was certainly not helpful for my solo practice.
June 2008

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about SGR fix, sinusitis approaches, and hospitalist##ndash;physician communication. ... I thank Dr. Kinsman [“Letters to the Editor: Fed up with SGR, “ ACP Internist, January 2011
March 2011

Letters to the Editor Readers take issue with recent coverage of health care reform, a profile on Cuba's health care system, and the promise that electronic ... Association I took a group of 50 individuals interested in
November 2010

Letters to the Editor Readers respond on a variety of issues, and Richard J. ... First, there's an ironic juxtaposition of one of the cover stories, “Taking team care from policy to practice,” with the lengthy letter
March 2014

Letters to the Editor Physicians will bear the costs of the update to ICD-10; population studies need to apply their predictive value to individual patients; health ... Currently there is widespread antagonism generated
September 2009

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about retail clinic guidelines and EMRs. Retail based health clinics have expanded nationally (over 2,000) with plans to open hundreds ... B.P. Rajesh, ACP Member. St. Johns, Mich.
January 2008

Letters to the Editor Readers tell the College about their fears and hopes for the patient-centered medical home, as others fancifully reimagine how health care could ... Sharad Swami, FACP. Clinton, Okla. William C.
June 2009

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