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Letters to the Editor

Reader comments on the role of ancillary services in an internal medicine practice, and on the need for attention to nutrition and lifestyle in caring for rheumatoid arthritis.
1 Sep 2010

Letters to the Editor

A reader questions blood pressure measurement as it is performed clinically and during medical research.
1 Jan 2013

Letter to the Editor

A reader reacts to ethics surrounding civilian and war-time prisoner containment.
1 Sep 2008

Readers respond on narrative medicine, low-dose aspirin

Readers offer feedback on narrative medicine, “low-dose” aspirin.
1 May 2019


Readers respond to Mindful Medicine, Ethics columns.
1 Feb 2008

Letters to the Editor

Readers consider Mindful Medicine's cautionary tale about The Blindmen and the Elephant, in which subspecialists each consider a diagnosis within their own field instead of seeing the entire diagnostic picture.
1 Jun 2010

New internal medicine residency gains foothold in Nepal

Patan Hospital of Nepal, a tertiary-level referral center that treats nearly 320,000 outpatients and 20,000 inpatients each year, began an internal medicine residency program last year.
1 Apr 2018

Readers weigh in on ACP's meaning, ‘nonspecific’ back pain

Readers respond to coverage about fighting physician burnout and nonspecific back pain.
1 Jul 2018

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond about malpractice.
1 Oct 2011

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond about team care.
1 Feb 2011

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