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Climate change and consultation training Readers weigh in on climate change and the best way to prepare med students as future consultants. ... If consultants have not yet discussed their findings with the patient, it's appropriate to do so
January 2017

Readers weigh in on bedside skills, health care costs

I would like to applaud Jack Ende, MD, MACP, for recent comments about his “back to the bedside” initiative in the President's Message in the June 2017 ACP Internist. ... More troubling is the thought that the uninsured, without an insurer to
September 2017

Letter to the editor: politics and patient care

to go to the hospital to care for the patient with sudden critical illness. ... That illness, and the doctor's struggle to help, is not caused by global warming at all.
June 2017

Alaska's shrinking primary care pool reflects national crisis A digest of this month's issue, including Alaska's shrinking primary care pool, the rising epidemic of prediabetes, and other issues of ... note. By Janet Colwell, Editor.
October 2008

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to ACP Internist's coverage. Regarding the article “Bringing Medicine to the Streets” in the July/August 2019 ACP Internist, I ... I did have the opportunity on several cold winter
September 2019

Letters to the Editor

As the American College of Radiology notes in a document monitoring the status of coverage for lung cancer screening, “Payers are given up to one year from the start of the ... next plan year to update their coverage policies when USPSTF guidelines are
May 2022

Letter to the Editor A reader reacts to ethics surrounding civilian and war-time prisoner containment. ... back to yard, to hospital etc., using best medical practices and judgment with the usual advisory to the detainee
September 2008

Jury is out on truth in clinical trials A digest of this month's issue, including the risks and drawbacks of stopping clinical trials early for benefit, colon cancer screening and ... By Janet Colwell, Editor.
January 2009

Letters to the Editor PSA tests, fibromyalgia and reconsidering clinical impressions are discussed and debated by ACP members. ... the high prevalence of this debilitating disorder, and the challenges faced in coming to a
May 2009

Letter to the Editor

the challenges facing Maintenance of Certification and the plans on how to improve it. ... Dr. Cooke refers to as our “social contract” with patients. Maintaining our certification reflects a commitment to our patients and to the profession that we
January 2014

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