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Letters to the Editor ACP members take the organization to task for its positions on modifying reimbursement to doctors, and the organization's legislative leader offers a ... But physicians can't just ignore the evidence
September 2012

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to ACP Internist coverage of issues surround the time spent with patients, ICD-10 coding changes, and physician burnout. ... ACP frequently refers to the concept of professionalism.
March 2015

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about cost-cutting measures. The juxtaposition of two articles in the February 2011 ACP Internist prompted me to think about the ... Mary Noble, FACP. Spokane, Wash. Editor's note: As
April 2011

Letters to the Editor A reader laments that changes in health care result in physicians no longer knowing their patients as well as they used to, but ... To be able to participate in the whole life cycle of our patients
November 2012

Letters to the Editor

I have read the recent commentaries in response to the article on cosmetic procedures [“Adding cosmetic procedures lifts internists' sagging incomes, “ ACP Internist, February 2008], and I too am shocked. ... I believe ACP is sensitive to the fact
April 2008

Letters to the Editor Readers submit their thoughts on using scribes and paying for medical school. ... We old-timers understand the importance of the emotional dynamic to the therapeutic equation.
April 2012

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to ACP Internist's coverage about how handling durable medical equipment requests poses problems to their practices. ... But patients feel they are entitled to the shoes because
September 2014

Letters to the Editor Readers consider recent articles on futile cases, autism and payment reform. ... The NAA has chapters all over the country. I belong to the New York Metro Chapter that is very active in serving the
January 2009

Letters to the Editor Amy E. Foxx-Orenstein, FACP. Editor's note: ACP InternistWeekly's March 18 edition covered a court's decision to award internist Gary ... We asked readers to share their views through letters and an
May 2008

Letters to the Editor Readers submit their thoughts on bone mineral density testing and a better title for “internal medicine.”. ... Richard Holm, MD, FACP. Brookings, S.D. Editor's Note: Dr. Holm is Governor of the
March 2012

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