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Letters to the Editor

First, many physical examination maneuvers (tests) have well-established sensitivities and specificities, as useful to the clinician as those for laboratory tests. ... Second, the practice of predicting what a laboratory test might demonstrate based on
April 2018

Letters to the Editor Reader comments on the role of ancillary services in an internal medicine practice, and on the need for attention to nutrition and lifestyle ... As for the comment by ACP's senior associate Ms.
September 2010

Letters to the Editor Readers consider Mindful Medicine's cautionary tale about The Blindmen and the Elephant, in which subspecialists each consider a diagnosis within their own ... The principles of anchoring and
June 2010

Letter to the Editor A different approach to pain. I read the article “Seeking clarity for opioid prescribing” in the April ACP Internist, and I believe it ... Overzealous efforts must be replaced by research-proven
June 2015

Disorder or disease? Semantics of obesity

To the Editor: The article “Understand Obesity before Treating It” in the June 2021 ACP Internist concludes with the statement, “Obesity is a chronic disease, which requires lifelong treatment.” I wish ... This would push public policy measures
October 2021

More on the ‘P word’ A reader responds to a recent column on the term “primary care provider.”. ... Our focus has shifted to typing and clicking instead of the eye contact fundamental for connecting with our patients.
January 2020

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to ACP Internist's coverage. Regarding the article “Bringing Medicine to the Streets” in the July/August 2019 ACP Internist, I ... I did have the opportunity on several cold winter
September 2019

Letter to the Editor

an overlooked disease,” ACP Internist, April 2011] neglected to point out until late in the piece the easiest and least expensive way to diagnose it—examine the patient. ... As a matter of fact, if the patient has good-quality pedal pulses it is
May 2011

Specialization in medical education A letter to the editor addresses the primary care shortage in medical education. ... Failing to recognize the above realities is going to leave many smaller training programs in real jeopardy of no
July 2017

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about bedside vs. scanning and how to take blood pressure. ... I could not find any symptoms or signs relating to the head or the nervous system.
September 2011

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