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Letters to the Editor

the high prevalence of this debilitating disorder, and the challenges faced in coming to a proper diagnosis. ... There is no autoimmune component to fibromyalgia, and treatment paradigms include the use of anticonvulsants and antidepressants to modulate
May 2009

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the article “War dilemmas put medical ethics under fire” (ACP Internist, July/Aug 2008), the two cases presented should not pose ethical dilemmas to any physician. ... back to yard, to hospital etc., using best medical practices and
September 2008

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to the ACP InternistWeekly item about lower pay driving physicians to cut their hours, and to the cover story that questioned the value of the annual physical exam. ... I am sure that this is a net savings for the system, which is then
April 2010

Integrative medicine questioned

that the article, as well as ACP's clinical practice guidelines, gave to acupuncture for low back pain. ... effects of application of localized irritants and the effects of the patient-clinician interaction such as conditioning, positive patient
January 2018

New internal medicine residency gains foothold in Nepal

The mission of Patan Hospital is to provide quality, compassionate health care to everyone who comes to the hospital, regardless of their ability to pay,” he said. ... In addition, writing will be a crucial skill for the new internal medicine residents,
April 2018

Letters to the Editor

The principles of anchoring and availability are ones to guard against in all areas of medicine. ... I made notes as I read, listing the differential diagnoses and trying to keep the list as short as possible.
June 2010

Readers respond on abdominal wall pain, health care prices

Stein, MD, FACP, in the Letters to the Editor section in the September 2017 ACP Internist. ... I refer chiefly to the TIME magazine article “Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us” by Steven Brill, published in 2013.
November 2017

Readers respond on narrative medicine, low-dose aspirin

In order to improve on the present, one needs an enviable alternate reality. ... The “low dose” used in all the studies is not really low dose, according to the original past work of Drs.
May 2019

Letters to the Editor

Second, I would venture to say that much of the research on hypertension was conducted using readings taken by physicians and nurses wearing white coats. ... To what extent is “white coat hypertension” baked into the studies upon which we depend?
January 2013

Readers weigh in on ACP's meaning, ‘nonspecific’ back pain

Like Dr. López's parents, I immigrated to the United States, a few years after graduating from Honduras Medical School, which had a very rigorous eight-year program, with emphasis in ... The uncritical acceptance of a 50-year-old concept needs
July 2018

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