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Is the digital rectal exam needed? No, it's not

Our newest evidence is that digital rectal exams (DRE) looking for prostate cancer in men is probably not effective for diagnosis. ... DRE for screening of prostate cancer is no longer recommended. In fact, in 2016 a large study in a little read journal,
November 2019

Playing the blame game for rising prostate cancer rates

80 would test positive for prostate cancer if their prostates underwent serial sectioning. ... Sartor said. If prostate cancer is ubiquitous, what is the role of screening?
July 2008

Many with prostate cancer do not benefit from surgery

Surgery unneeded for most early-stage prostate cancer, study says (Los Angeles Times). ... Prostate Cancer--Uncertainty and a Way Forward (New England Journal of Medicine editorial).
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Urology society brings prostate cancer screening guideline closer to those of Task Force, ACP

QD: News Every Day--Urology society brings prostate cancer screening guideline closer to those of Task Force, ACP. ... man per 1,000 screened will avert a prostate cancer death over a decade.
November 2019

National panel advises against prostate cancer screening

48 of the men will end up being diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo treatment. ... Screening for Prostate Cancer: A Review of the Evidence for the U.S.
November 2019

Separating anecdotes from evidence in prostate cancer screening

Separating anecdotes from evidence in prostate cancer screening. I have been thinking a lot about cancer screening tests. ... We were out to dinner with our wives, and I mentioned our upcoming trip and how a man our age was dealing with metastatic
November 2019

Remembering Gene

Jake" Jacobson, M.D. Gene fought prostate cancer for more than 20 years. ... The cancer eventually caused his kidneys to fail, and rather than decide to start undergoing dialysis treatments, Gene and his wife Deone elected hospice and comfort care to cure
November 2019

Muddled guidance at menopause

They have recently reached just such a conclusion regarding prostate cancer screening, assigning a letter grade of “C.”. ... Much decision-making takes place between these obvious extremes, and such decisions should, like those for prostate cancer
November 2019

Amidst the cacophony, cancer counsel you can trust

And some, like prostate cancer, are right on the line. We have tests to find prostate cancer, and we have effective treatment. ... The American Urological Association, for instance, has always offered more aggressive prostate cancer screening
November 2019

Breast cancer screening: of chances and choices

For quite some time, we were confident that prostate cancer screening was a good idea. ... In time, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a group of highly qualified experts to which fools and fanatics need not apply, came to recommend against
November 2019

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