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The gravity of misinformation

Fish oil causes prostate cancer, except that it doesn’t.
June 2019

Losing it: A rational approach to hair loss

high-grade prostatic carcinoma was reduced, but there was a possible increased risk in those who had prostate cancer, she said. ... When screening for prostate cancer in patients taking finasteride, Dr. Malerich suggested increasing the prostate-specific
June 2019

Why I won't have a PSA test when I turn 50

But it turns out that diagnosing prostate cancer sooner hurts more than it helps. ... Prostate cancer frequently takes a decade or longer before it causes patients any harm.
June 2019

The long arm of medical ethics

The goal of the research was to learn how to diagnose and treat prostate cancer earlier in men, a worthy goal, to be sure, but handled in a very unethical manner. ... Future observers may view the massive evidence-challenged expansion of our
June 2019

Doctors resist changes of new cancer screening guidelines

Given that many patients with prostate cancer have normal PSAs and lots of patients with high PSAs don't have prostate cancer, it doesn't seem semantically correct to call it ... prostate cancer screening".) Surprise!
June 2019

High-value management of patients with GI symptoms

Cheatham. Another etiology of rectal bleeding is radiation proctitis, which typically develops one to two years after radiation exposure in those treated for cervical cancer or prostate cancer, he noted. ... Cheatham. Finally, he said, cancer is an
June 2017

'Men'opause and the risks of treating low testosterone

Another concern with testosterone therapy is whether it has potential to promote prostate cancer growth in a man who may have subclinical prostate cancer or prostate cancer that has not yet ... been detected, and also whether it can cause enlargement of
June 2019

Letters to the Editor

Prostate cancer screening leads to unneeded treatments, “ ACP InternistWeekly, March 24. ... And a comment from the body of the article is revealing: “The cumulative death rate from prostate cancer at 10 years in the two groups combined was 25% lower
May 2009

Physician questions the need for demographic data with the EMR

Spare me the few tired cliches about prostate cancer, diabetes, and sarcoidosis being more common in blacks than whites, or even the slightly increased risk of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor cough
June 2019

Mammograms over-diagnose breast cancer. Let the games begin!

The male study investigators want mammography to fail so they can divert research money to prevent prostate cancer. ... I do not dispute this contention. How many men, however, were gravely harmed by treatment of prostate cancer that would have never
June 2019

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