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Why screen for ovarian cancer?

Ask Daniel Merenstein, who was sued in such a scenario involving prostate cancer screening. ... Another approach is to discuss the pros and cons of ovarian cancer screening with patients.
June 2020

QD: News Every Day--U.S. cancer survivors grows to nearly 12 million

QD: News Every Day--U.S. cancer survivors grows to nearly 12 million. ... Of those survivors, 75.4% were females. --Among the three most common cancers, breast cancer survivors are the largest group of cancer survivors (22%), followed by prostate cancer
June 2020

Five herbal remedies backed by some evidence

To be clear, we're talking about benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), common, age-related prostate enlargement, and not prostate cancer. ... If you have prostate cancer, note that conventional medical treatments have a five-year survival rate of 96% and
June 2020

A JAMA briefing on comparative effectiveness and helicopters that allows time for questions

ground-based EMS service after major trauma; a comparison of side effects and mortality after prostate cancer treatment by 1 of 3 forms of radiation (conformal, IMRT, or proton therapy); and, ... This is crucial, I know this from my prior experience in
June 2020

Decision aids integral to shared decision making

for selecting a depression medication or deciding whether to have prostate cancer screening. ... Gutnick. Dr. Soung, for example, uses them for deciding about CT scans for lung cancer screening, medications for osteoporosis and depression, second-line
May 2019

Start the new year by dumping your multivitamin

Vitamin C has been shown not to prevent the incidence of cancer, strokes, or heart attacks. ... supplementation has been proven not to decrease the incidence of strokes, heart attacks, or any cancer.
June 2020

'Your Medical Mind' explores what influences patients' medical decisions

the New America Foundation) about whether men should continue to have access to the PSA test for prostate cancer screening, despite the overwhelming evidence that it extends few, if any, lives
June 2020

Recall of generic drugs, acne cream; depression device OK'd

A warning letter to Lab Corporation of America for marketing OvaSure, a test the company says can detect ovarian cancer, without having FDA approval for the test. ... Examine patients prior to therapy to rule out prostate cancer. The most common side
January 2009

‘Preventive’ measures don't translate properly to the public

What could be wrong with that? Enter the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations regarding mammogram screening for breast cancer, published on Nov. ... prostate cancer.” Sadly, the false sense of reassurance that makes cancer
March 2010

Losing it: A rational approach to hair loss

high-grade prostatic carcinoma was reduced, but there was a possible increased risk in those who had prostate cancer, she said. ... When screening for prostate cancer in patients taking finasteride, Dr. Malerich suggested increasing the prostate-specific
June 2019

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