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Recommended care, says who?

For example, several days ago the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) came out with its final guideline on using PSA for the purpose of screening for prostate cancer. ... I discuss the debate more in my previous post: Should Doctors
November 2019

Physician questions the need for demographic data with the EMR

Spare me the few tired cliches about prostate cancer, diabetes, and sarcoidosis being more common in blacks than whites, or even the slightly increased risk of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor cough
November 2019

Letters to the Editor

Prostate cancer screening leads to unneeded treatments, “ ACP InternistWeekly, March 24. ... And a comment from the body of the article is revealing: “The cumulative death rate from prostate cancer at 10 years in the two groups combined was 25% lower
May 2009

Why I won't have a PSA test when I turn 50

But it turns out that diagnosing prostate cancer sooner hurts more than it helps. ... Prostate cancer frequently takes a decade or longer before it causes patients any harm.
November 2019

What is "overdiagnosis"?

Dr. Welch has been studying overdiagnosis for a couple of decades and has written two books, Should I Be Tested For Cancer?: Maybe Not and Here’s Why and Overdiagnosed: Making ... for. It has been pretty well established for breast cancer screening and
November 2019

Doctors resist changes of new cancer screening guidelines

Given that many patients with prostate cancer have normal PSAs and lots of patients with high PSAs don't have prostate cancer, it doesn't seem semantically correct to call it ... prostate cancer screening".) Surprise!
November 2019

Taking a drink: what patients should know

mortality in women and increased risk of prostate cancer among men. ... Prospective study of alcohol consumption quantity and frequency and cancer-specific mortality in the US population.
January 2013

'Men'opause and the risks of treating low testosterone

Another concern with testosterone therapy is whether it has potential to promote prostate cancer growth in a man who may have subclinical prostate cancer or prostate cancer that has not yet ... been detected, and also whether it can cause enlargement of
November 2019

Propoxyphene withdrawn, bevacizumab loses indication

In trials of patients with breast and prostate cancer, denosumab increased the length of time to SRE compared to zoledronic acid (Zometa). ... The breast cancer indication for bevacizumab was approved in February 2008 under the FDA's accelerated approval
February 2011

A brief clarification on PSA testing

Preventative Services Task Force against using the PSA blood test to screen for prostate cancer has left many patients confused, and many doctors unsurprised. ... We've known for a while that in the aggregate, the data do not show that screening for
November 2019

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