The current controversy centers on ACPs findings that pharmacologic management to HbA1c targets below 7percent did not reduce long-term microvascular or macrovascular clinical outcomes compared to targets

Reconciling conflicting diabetes guidance

ACP and other professional medical societies disagree on a proper target for the long-term benefits of glucose control.

Mission and purpose can counter feelings of burnout

ACP's president discusses physician burnout and the College's efforts to address it.

Making a difference in internists' daily work, patients' health

ACP seeks to understand how internists perceive its advocacy and how to best show them more clearly its relevance to their daily lives.

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Internal medicine heads to outer space

An ACP Fellow is headed to outer space to spend six months aboard the International Space Station.


Setting a course for food as medicine

Culinary medicine is a growing, evidence-based movement that brings the “food is medicine” philosophy to medical education and beyond.

Guidelines for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which were updated last year now define the condition as persistent respiratory symptoms that occur in the setting of airflow limitation measure

Catch up on new COPD guidelines

Updated guidelines for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease revised the definition and staging of the condition, and an expert offers tips for optimal care.

First AI device approved to detect diabetic retinopathy

This column reviews details on recent recalls, warnings, and approvals.

How your patient's ‘bucket list’ can help guide care

One researcher believes that learning about patients' future goals can help internists guide care.

Recording patient visits questioned

A reader responds to coverage about recording patient visits.

Direct-to-consumer tests can cause headaches

This issue also covers ACP's guidance statements on HbA1c targets, culinary cooking as medicine, and NASA astronaut Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor, MD, FACP, and her journey into space.

MKSAP Quiz: New rash on legs

A 32-year-old woman is evaluated for a new rash on her legs. She was diagnosed with pyelonephritis 4 days ago and was started on a 7-day regimen of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole based on urine culture and sensitivity data; her urinary symptoms have improved. Medical history includes Hashimoto thyroiditis treated with levothyroxine; her dose was increased 4 weeks ago based on thyroid function studies. Following a physical exam, what is the most appropriate next step in management?

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