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Mammograms over-diagnose breast cancer. Let the games begin!

The male study investigators want mammography to fail so they can divert research money to prevent prostate cancer. ... I do not dispute this contention. How many men, however, were gravely harmed by treatment of prostate cancer that would have never
November 2019

NAFLD treatment starts with weight loss, then other modes

It's those patients with NASH that are at the greatest risk for progression to cirrhosis or liver cancer, and so those are the ones we want to identify and develop ... Drawbacks include a potential increase in all-cause mortality with vitamin E
July 2016

Letters to the Editor

An Annals of Internal Medicine editorial in the May 5 issue again notes that, “Within 10 years of trial entry, screening increases the number of cancer cases diagnosed but has no ... by overzealous therapies and like to pronounce themselves as
June 2009

My descent into guideline fatigue syndrome

You likely know several examples of “dueling guidelines,” breast cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, and goals of diabetes control.
November 2019

Points to consider in palliative care

Start with basic internal medicine. If an older patient with metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer has heart failure and shortness of breath, the best palliative care may be to treat his ... For instance, the patient may have a pulmonary embolism
July 2018

Guidelines should rarely become rules

Many clinical questions yield “competing guidelines.” We all know the controversies over breast cancer screening and prostate cancer screening.
November 2019

Is cost-effective medicine on life support?

A few months back, The New York Times reported on two new drugs, approved by the FDA for cancer treatment. ... Provenge, a new drug for prostate cancer extends life by four months at a cost of $93,000.
November 2019

Why primary care is the future of health care

For example, prostate cancer screening has been in the news lately. ... More evidence suggests that screening for prostate cancer may not only be unnecessary but also potentially harmful.
November 2019

Ovarian cancer screening has no value

The furor over the lack of benefit for men of the screening Prostate Specific Antigen test (PSA) is still being heard. ... This is bad news because every year over 21,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
November 2019

I want to ration your health care

for your prostate cancer. ... We believe that our own patient with pancreatic cancer might be the one who feels better on Gemzar.
November 2019

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