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Is cost-effective medicine on life support?

A few months back, The New York Times reported on two new drugs, approved by the FDA for cancer treatment. ... Provenge, a new drug for prostate cancer extends life by four months at a cost of $93,000.
June 2020

I want to ration your health care

for your prostate cancer. ... We believe that our own patient with pancreatic cancer might be the one who feels better on Gemzar.
June 2020

41 diseases linked to smoking create a huge problem in the U.S.

Lung cancer. --Cancer of the mouth. --Cancer of the throat. --Cancer of the larynx. ... Cervical cancer. --Prostate cancer. --Heart attack. --Coronary heart disease. --Cardiovascular disease.
June 2020

QD: News Every Day--Cancer treatments projected to cost at least $158 billion by 2020

QD: News Every Day--Cancer treatments projected to cost at least $158 billion by 2020. ... lymphoma ($12 billion), lung cancer ($12 billion) and prostate cancer ($12 billion).
June 2020

When diagnosing colon cancer might be a mistake

For example, is discovering prostate cancer in an older man a true benefit if the tumor would have remained silent throughout the man's life? ... Perhaps, the cancer would have remained quiet and never posed a threat to him.
June 2020

45 forms of health care that you should avoid

Why would you not want to be screened for prostate cancer at the age of 80 (or maybe at any age)? ... Don't repeat a colonoscopy for colon cancer screening sooner than 10 years after a normal screening colonoscopy.
June 2020

7 iPhone apps I'd like to see

You've seen risk calculators for cardiac events, breast cancer, prostate cancer, life expectancy, and numerous other gizmos.
June 2020

Warnings on prostate drugs, HIV combination therapy

New warnings on gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists about the potential risk of heart disease and diabetes in men treated with these medications for prostate cancer.
January 2011

Patients and doctors need skin in the game for appropriate care

A new prostate cancer vaccine, Provenge, will cost $93,000. When the FDA approves new drugs, they do not look at cost or cost/benefit ratios. ... This is happening at the same time as the new $121,000 cancer drug is announced.
June 2020

Who should take aspirin for prevention?

We have seen similar recent trends with mammography screening recommendations, using PSA for prostate cancer screening, and will likely soon be hearing more about using a personalized approach to recommending statins
June 2020

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