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Letters to the Editor

disease, with the rationale being that perhaps we will detect an early ovarian cancer? ... prostate cancer, cannot.
March 2010

More on screening for Barrett's esophagus

I've written previously about the limitations and risks of mass screening techniques, e.g., mammography for breast cancer, PSA testing for prostate cancer and PAP smears for cervical cancer. ... The mass screening model, as with mammography or prostate
June 2020

Don't blur the message on cancer screening

A few words on other cancers and screening. Prostate cancer screening by PSA testing has never been shown to save lives. ... What's different, also--and I think this is where some journalists get the story wrong by omission--is that early treatment of
June 2020

New Pap smear guidelines: right care or rationed care?

HPV is the most common sexually-transmitted disease and aside from causing cervical cancer is also the cause of genital warts. ... to 26 that immunize them from the subtypes of HPV that cause cancer.
June 2020

Why I won't have a PSA test when I turn 50

But it turns out that diagnosing prostate cancer sooner hurts more than it helps. ... Prostate cancer frequently takes a decade or longer before it causes patients any harm.
June 2020

Considering a non-fatal patient's quality of life

Widespread cancer metastases? Concerns about tight blood glucose control fade away. ... Bony pain from prostate cancer? Narcotic and sleeping pill addiction doesn't even occur to anyone.
June 2020

Getting beyond emotions to make the right diagnosis

Because doctors do disagree, they took pains to assure us, referring to the headlines of contemporary controversies: statins for primary prevention, to take one example; or prostate cancer screening, not to ... They are right, of course, about doctors'
June 2020

When and how to use new phone and Internet E/M coding

Q: Can I charge a Medicare patient for a prostate cancer screening digital rectal exam on the same date as an E/M visit? ... A: No. Although Medicare has created an HCPCS code for a prostate cancer screening digital rectal exam (G0102), it does not allow
April 2008

QD: News Every Day--Internists reluctant to stop PSA testing in elderly men

Elderly men expect to receive prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests and doctors continue to conduct them, sometimes even in men with low life expectancy despite the recommendations against the practice. ... Doctors know they shouldn't do
June 2020

Points to consider in palliative care

Start with basic internal medicine. If an older patient with metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer has heart failure and shortness of breath, the best palliative care may be to treat his ... For instance, the patient may have a pulmonary embolism
July 2018

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