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Beware how the affect heuristic filters your view of data

They develop data that supports their preconceived notions. We see this in medical debates: screening for prostate cancer, age to screen for breast cancer, whether or not to empirically treat some ... adolescent/young adult sore throats, the value of
November 2019

Marie Curie helps patients with metastatic prostate cancer

Radium-223 and Metastatic Prostate Cancer (Summary video from the editors of NEJM). ... Fighting Prostate Cancer with Radium-223 — Not Your Madame’s Isotope (NEJM editorial).
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Circumcision may cut prostate cancer risk

QD: News Every Day--Circumcision may cut prostate cancer risk. Circumcision before first sexual intercourse is associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer, suggesting that the disease, like many other ... They conducted a population-based,
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Urinalysis sought for prostate cancer

QD: News Every Day--Urinalysis sought for prostate cancer. A urine screening test for prostate cancer seeks to become an intermediate step before requiring patients to undergo biopsy, researchers reported. ... The anomaly, a fusion between the
November 2019

In the News

To develop an evidence-based guideline on prostate cancer chemoprevention, the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Urological Association did a systematic literature review of 15 randomized clinical trials ... The committee identified
April 2009

First do no harm

He was diagnosed with bladder cancer and doctors recommended surgery that had a 50% chance of extending his life. ... I know of another elderly man (a friend's father) who had prostate surgery for prostate cancer, even though he was over 80 years old and
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Statins may decrease prostate cancer mortality risk

QD: News Every Day--Statins may decrease prostate cancer mortality risk. Use of statins after a diagnosis of prostate cancer was associated with a decreased mortality risk, and the effect was ... During a mean follow-up of more than 4 years, there were
November 2019

Can we unmuddle mammography?

In medicine, 2 decades is just about forever. Perhaps the value of mammography is perennially muddled, if just a bit less so than prostate cancer screening, for the most obvious of ... Breast cancer tends to be more aggressive and progress faster in
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Vitamin E supplements associated with prostate cancer risk

For the prostate cancer study, men from 427 study sites North America were randomized between August 2001 and June 2004. ... Eligibility criteria included a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) of 4.0 ng/mL or less, a digital rectal examination not suspicious
November 2019

Parsing the pros and cons of breast cancer screening

In contrast, I do not specifically recommend prostate cancer screening, although I think that's a close call. ... I practice what I preach, of course: I do get colonoscopies, but do not undergo prostate cancer screening, and the women in my family get
November 2019

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