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Take it gradually when planning for retirement

Being of service transcends medicine—and a medical career, he said. Remember, Dr. ... Ende said, that retirement can complement one's medical career, not necessarily replace it.
July 2020

Internal Medicine 2008 melds new programs and politics

The Job Placement Center hosted 193 job offerings. Interviews were held at the center by health care employers and job seekers were provided information on the ACP Career Connection, where they
July 2008


His academic career began at the Wexner School of Medicine at Ohio State University in Columbus, where, from 1965 to 1972, he pursued his research and eventually became professor and chief
May 2020

There is a doctor in the ‘House’ (and she's an ACP Member)

From television news producer to internist to columnist to advisor to one of the most popular medical dramas, Lisa Sanders, ACP Member, explains how a career spent considering the stories behind
March 2010

Facing depression in medical residency

Centor said. Stanford's residency program offers housestaff the opportunity to have confidential psychological support in the form of 10 visits with a psychiatrist, who serves as a career counselor of ... Skeff said, “because it's really true: They're
April 2016

Words of affirmation

On a day that I truly needed it. As a clinician educator, I have won some really great awards—I'm talking career-defining ones that parents and family fly in ... But nothing—and I do mean nothing—compares to 1 individual learner's affirmation that
August 2020

ACP announces new Leadership Academy

The ACP Leadership Academy is ACP's new leadership development program designed to provide early-career internists with the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in medicine.
November 2013


Metastasis. Throughout my career in oncology, I thought I was communicating difficult concepts to patients and families relatively well.
August 2020


It's right there in the name. Subspecialties have always been a good career path for internal medicine graduates.
August 2020


He received many awards throughout his career, including ACP's Laureate Award for the Florida Chapter in 1992. ... Throughout his career, Dr. Hildreth published more than 150 articles, editorials, and chapters.
March 2018

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