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Ode to the bulletproof

My career has been all about leveraging the many means at our disposal to add years to lives and life to years; to prevent the frequently avoidable reasons for mourning. ... My career has been devoted to preventive medicine, the art and science of
December 2019

What's new in other College publications

Featured in the current issue:. May's issue of ACP Hospitalist features articles on part-time careers, coding and the latest clinical and research news. ... Part-time careers. While hospitalists typically go part-time in the interest of work-life balance,
June 2009


Then I went on to share how later I would join the Emory faculty and build a successful career there in spite of all of that.
December 2019

How do physicians really feel about health care today?

dissatisfied with their careers and placing the blame on government, insurance companies, their own professional societies, and even their own patients. ... quality. And while a large majority of primary care physicians are satisfied with their careers,
October 2015

'Come fly with me'

My decision to pursue a medical career happened in my teenage years, and I must say I have absolutely no regrets in doing so. ... Despite the challenges we face in health care, many of which I regularly write about, I still find this an immensely
December 2019

What's your malpractice risk? Depends on your specialty

to face in their careers. ... In unpublished data, we've found that in some specialties such as neurosurgery, the average physician may spend almost 30% of their career with an active malpractice case looming.
October 2012

Millennials, the same doctors in a changed environment

Some older physicians may peg millennials as entitled, self-centered, and lazy, lacking the dogged passion for medicine of generations before them. But those who teach them say that behavioral differences among this group may have more to do with
October 2016

Medicine's #MeToo movement

Regarding gender bias, 66% of women reported being left out of opportunities for professional career advancement based on their gender, compared to 10% of men. ... ACP detailed several recommendations for achieving gender equity in physician compensation
May 2018

An internist with many interests

Murray. Early in his career, at a time when others might have thought practicing neurology, teaching, and raising 4 children was enough, Dr.
January 2015

Letters to the Editor

Students are choosing careers with their feet and wallets, and walking actually the numbers suggest running away from primary care careers. ... Many established primary care physicians are not in a position to change careers, even if they wanted to.
June 2009

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