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Med schools promoting care for underserved

We think it's very difficult for a student, even during medical school, to have a good sense of what career fits well,” said Dr. ... Bing-You. “We want to show the students they can have a very productive career in a community or rural site.”.
February 2010

What to expect when volunteering in war-torn regions

This career aid worker and I created this fictional world based on both our experiences. ... an entire career path in and of itself to go, and there's all kinds of leadership positions and interesting things you can do.
March 2017

Letters to the Editor

Students are choosing careers with their feet and wallets, and walking actually the numbers suggest running away from primary care careers. ... Many established primary care physicians are not in a position to change careers, even if they wanted to.
June 2009

STIs on the rise

build their medical careers.
April 2020

Tweeting back to the future

She is also an academic hospitalist, supervising internal medicine residents and students caring for general medicine patients, and serves as a career advisor and mentor for several medical students and residents, ... and directs the NIH-sponsored
August 2020

Chapter awardees announced

Bradley W. Marples, MD, FACP–Laureate Award. John A. Bonino, MD–Early Career Physicians Award. ... McFarland Award. Catherine “Cassie” Hajek, MD–Early Career Physician of the Year Award.
March 2018

Making nice

real stinkbomb. lemon. Remember Shirley Sherrod, the career USDA employee who became ensnared in an out-of-context webinoma (I just made that up: a cancerous internet situation)?
August 2020

A generalist and educator marks 20 years of ACP Fellowship

Hardest medical lesson: Early on in my career, I sometimes stuck to a diagnosis when I should have kept an open mind to other possibilities.
November 2009

Physician and mentor uses life as a teaching tool

If I had to pick a different career: English professor at a college.
February 2008

Physicians practice putting mind over matter

Meditation techniques help physicians maintain an open outlook.
January 2008

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