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It was truly an honor and a pleasure to train under them, and I strongly considered oncology as a career because of them.
December 2019

Will baby boomers' clout lead to better care for the elderly?

Dr. Butler talked to ACP Observer about demographic trends, why geriatrics has not been a popular career choice and how the advent of longevity medicine might change some of these forces. ... Q: What can medical educators do to encourage more medical
February 2008

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The piece appeared in the “fellows in training and early career page” in the journal, which regularly features articles by trainees about their experiences, and was a mature and robust defense
December 2019

Tweeting back to the future

She is also an academic hospitalist, supervising internal medicine residents and students caring for general medicine patients, and serves as a career advisor and mentor for several medical students and residents, ... and directs the NIH-sponsored
December 2019

Making nice

real stinkbomb. lemon. Remember Shirley Sherrod, the career USDA employee who became ensnared in an out-of-context webinoma (I just made that up: a cancerous internet situation)?
December 2019

Full circle

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore— And then run? Does it stink like rotten me...
December 2019

Recognizing the wonderful clinician educators

Recognizing the wonderful clinician educators. When asked to describe my career, I consider myself primarily a clinician educator. ... Recently I have reflected on the influences that allowed me to have a successful career doing what I love.
December 2019

Doctoring the CIA

One of the biggest attractions at medical meetings is the exhibition space, where publishers and companies peddle their wares and outfits lo...
December 2019

Chewing, and choking, on false nutritional equivalence

one journalist whose entire career and following are based on defending the idea that carbohydrate, and insulin responses to it, are the one and only root of all dietary evil. ... In contrast, iconoclasts are entirely locked into their positions, since
December 2019

The Match sets medical students in search of themselves

While grueling, it reflects the arguably unprecedented academic importance of our choices and their implications for our careers. ... To my surprise, several programs did not fit my career goals despite excellent reputations and resources, while others
December 2019

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