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Remembering Gene

He believed that his discovery should be shared with the public; after all, the government had funded his research career.
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--Primary care job market ticks slightly upward

The composition of the respondent group reflects changes in the health care industry as groups consolidate, more physicians choose employed opportunities and women pursue careers in medicine.
December 2019

Medical news of the obvious

Women aren't put off of IT careers because they're hard, but rather, because IT folks are a bunch of Trekkie slobs. ... Women were much more likely to opt for careers in the more pleasant environs, the men were as well but less so.
December 2019

What health is for

My whole career is about optimizing health, so of course I think it is important.
December 2019

IDSA: What, me worry?

We witnessed another disastrous match for infectious diseases, nicely (and sadly) described by Dan here . I just went to the IDSA website t...
December 2019

Alzheimer's patients prepare, enlighten future physicians

and Joanne Knight Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at Washington University. “The major goal of the program is not necessarily to steer or influence first-year medical students into a career
May 2014

The new subspecialty of clinical informatics: Some (but not all) questions answered

The distance learning aspect has been especially valuable, as many clinicians enter informatics careers after they have established their clinical careers.
December 2019

Memories offer lessons in going from mentee to mentor

Although we never shared specific clinical or research interests, and although he never represented the most natural “fit” as a career mentor, few have affected my professional philosophy as much as ... It is not simply an effort to mold a mentee
July 2014

Bringing health to low-income patients in the clinic and media

First job: After finishing my pre-med courses (I had been a history major and decided on medicine late in my undergraduate career), I worked as a health educator by day ... Most meaningful professional accomplishment: I was fortunate to receive a career
November 2010

Cultivating creativity in medical training, FedEx style

She is also an academic hospitalist, supervising internal medicine residents and students caring for general medicine patients, and serves as a career advisor and mentor for several medical students and residents, ... and directs the NIH-sponsored
December 2019

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