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Chronic disease model helps improve smoking cessation efforts Smoking cessation programs are traditionally treated as discrete, standalone attempts. ... Although the idea is not new in the smoking cessation field, testing it has so far been challenging, she
July 2012

Smoking cessation

significantly higher odds of smoking abstinence after 26 weeks than those who received counseling and placebo. ... The primary outcome was salivary cotinine-verified seven-day point prevalence smoking abstinence at week 12.
June 2022

QD: News Every Day--E-cigarettes may help smoking cessation attempts

QD: News Every Day--E-cigarettes may help smoking cessation attempts. People attempting to quit smoking without professional help are about 60% more likely to succeed if they use e-cigarettes ... smoking. But the strongest evidence remains for use smoking
May 2022

Great idea

Being cognizant of these network effects has created, for me, a new lens through which to view such apparently disparate things as smoking cessation and presidential election politics.
May 2022

Paying smokers to quit

A study in the current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) studied the effectiveness of different incentive programs on smoking cessation. ... Randomized Trial of Four Financial-Incentive Programs for Smoking Cessation (NEJM article).
May 2022

Some type of way

And stop missing appointments! And why you don't exercise and why you keep eating the wrong stuff and smoking cigarettes?
May 2022

Compression of disability should be everyone's health goal

1. Smoking. This one is a “no-brainer”. Smoking has so many negative effects that we need a book to discuss the subject.
May 2022

5 big risk factors for getting very sick from coronavirus

3. Smoking. Cigarette smoke damages lungs, which has been the focus of public health campaigns for decades. ... These five factors should help guide future public health policy. Some like smoking and obesity, are in our control.
May 2022

For effective smoking cessation, turn ambivalence into action

Frank T. Leone, MD, FACP, said he sees a lot of ambivalence about smoking cessation among the patients in his clinic. ... Dr. Leone. Photo by Kevin Berne. His reaction and advice to attendees of his “Smoking Cessation in Primary Care” at Internal
June 2014

Making smoking cessation less of a struggle This month's issue considers smoking cessation, helping patients with disabilities, and conference coverage from the Society ... Smoking cessation comes with a
June 2022

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