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Physician payment

The study highlighted smoking cessation as an example. Of Medicare patients, 8.8% are smokers, and 60.6% of smokers report having been counseled to quit by a clinician.
June 2022

Warnings for varenicline, bupropion; pacemaker recalled

A boxed warning for smoking cessation drugs varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion (Zyban, Wellbutrin) about the risk of serious mental health events, including changes in behavior, depressed mood, hostility and suicidal thoughts.
September 2009

Rheumatoid arthritis hurts the whole body

Cancer risks in patients with rheumatoid arthritis are part of his work-up, as is smoking cessation counseling. ... O’Dell. (That can be a useful argument for convincing your RA patients to quit smoking, he noted.).
July 2010

Test yourself

The correct answer is C) Recommend smoking cessation. This item is available to MKSAP 15 subscribers as item 8 in the Dermatology section. ... Smoking cessation is therefore the most appropriate choice prior to initiating more aggressive and potentially
June 2012

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Prescribe nicotine replacement therapy. D. Refer for smoking cessation counseling. Reveal the Answer. ... Thus it would be inappropriate to prescribe either smoking cessation aids or counseling until the physician has determined that the patient is
August 2013

System-wide changes improve diabetes care

Andrieni said. Houston Methodist is expanding its quality improvement efforts to include hypertension, lipid management, depression screening, and smoking cessation, Dr.
September 2016

Debate ignites over safety of e-cigarettes

Although the devices lack any hard data to support their use, they can offer doctors a chance to explore with patients other options for smoking cessation. ... However, some data have been more favorable. The one randomized clinical trial that compared
March 2014

Test yourself

The correct answer is D: Smoking cessation. This item is available to MKSAP 16 subscribers as item 94 in the Rheumatology section. ... nicotine. Smoking cessation is associated with a decline in the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, although this
June 2015

Smoking cessation

60.6%; P=0.001) and progression-free survival (43.8% vs. 54.4%; P=0.004). In adjusted analyses, smoking cessation remained associated with decreased risk for all-cause mortality ... The protective effects of smoking cessation were observed across all
July 2021

Cardiologists highlight prevention, clopidogrel

Physicians should also discuss with patients the numerous lifestyle modifications that can reduce risk of a repeat event, including smoking cessation, diet and exercise. ... Some advice on encouraging smoking cessation was offered by Stephen L.
June 2010

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