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The tool is based on a formal systematic review of the evidence on aspirin therapy, blood pressure control, cholesterol management, and smoking cessation to define the expected risk reduction from each
November 2016

Lung cancer

Smoking cessation or never smoking is the best way to prevent smoking-related lung cancer. ... Patient education is important, not only to encourage smoking cessation but also to teach patients about the risks of radiation exposure, about how to follow
May 2012

Dismissing patients always a last resort

weight loss and smoking cessation in particular.
September 2013

Peripheral artery disease

In the medical cohort, 40 of 66 smokers (60.6%) were counseled about smoking cessation, 126 of 282 participants (44.7%) discussed a walking program with their physicians, and 95 participants
August 2016

Screening for lung cancer a struggle

To be reimbursed, the visit should include the use of at least one decision aid and other counseling, including about smoking cessation, provided by a physician or a select number of ... Attitudes and perceptions about smoking cessation in the context of
May 2018

From ACP Internist

For effective smoking cessation, turn ambivalence into action. Smokers sometimes want to want to quit.
June 2014

Internal Medicine 2014 tackles medical errors, EHRs, and more

This issue provides a comprehensive overview of educational sessions offered at Internal Medicine 2014.
June 2014

From ACP Internist

Although the devices lack any hard data to support their use, they can offer doctors a chance to explore with patients other options for smoking cessation.
March 2014

E-cigarettes are popular, but health effects are questionable

Katz looks at e-cigarettes, a relatively new player on the smoking scene. ... The devices are growing in popularity, but there are serious unanswered questions about their potential health effects, with some thinking they may help pave the way to smoking
March 2014


Lifestyle-focused health reminders sent by text message to patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) helped increase their physical activity and lower their LDL cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, smoking, and body ... about smoking cessation).
September 2015

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