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Smoking cessation

Having a clinician offer assistance with smoking cessation was associated with higher quit rates among patients being screened for lung cancer, a study found. ... They conducted a matched case-control study of 1,668 people trying to stop smoking and
June 2015

Alzheimer's, genomics and the personal utility of testing

Some health professionals argue that improved diet, exercise, smoking cessation and moderation of alcohol consumption might affect disease progression over time.
November 2009

Smoking cessation

evaluations over time from December 2013 to March 2018, to assess the association of ENDS use with cigarette smoking relapse among adult patients in the U.S. ... role in the effort to mitigate the harms of smoking, the editorialists said.
June 2020

Twitter: a medical help, hindrance or hype?

I am trying to perfect my one-liners,” said Dr. Lamberts. ACP Internist's blog found two Twitter applications useful for internal medicine: smoking cessation and weight loss.
April 2009


Smoking cessation has similar benefits, and within 5 years of smoking cessation, the risk of stroke declines to that of people who never smoked.
November 2013

Test Yourself

The patient is provided with a brief smoking cessation intervention. She is not ready to stop smoking but will consider it again at a later time. ... Return of fertility may be delayed with these methods, with a median time to conception of 10 months
February 2020

Target preop visits for efficiency, best outcomes

Kane suggested a 2-month lead to give internists an opportunity to encourage smoking cessation and to give the patient's body time to adjust.
September 2014

Smoking cessation

The randomized trial included 349 women who were concerned about their weight and received smoking cessation counseling. ... The women were divided into four groups: one that received CBT targeted at their smoking-related weight concerns and bupropion
March 2010

Physicians pushing back on burnout

Information abounds on various methods of smoking cessation, from “cold turkey” to medications, but very few data are available as yet on the harms, or benefits, of e-cigarettes. ... s a good thing or a bad thing, and no consensus on the best medical
November 2016

Rural prevention efforts face specific hurdles

challenges. Our story takes a look at a decades-long program in rural Maine that had substantial success (including in hypertension management, cholesterol control, and smoking cessation) and questions what it
September 2015

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