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Conference offers advice on palliative care

He encouraged the palliative care experts to train other clinicians in the techniques and approaches they use to communicate with patients about the end of life and improve their experiences in ... Organ donation is another end-of-life issue that
May 2015

On delivering bad news

The patient has never been through this before and has a life-threatening problem. ... I love my family. My family loves me. I've lived a good life.” He passed away within a month.
October 2019

Requiem for ABC David

End-of-life wishes must be documented. Also, of course, ABC DAVID is buried inside the order set. ... If the powers that be want me to remember to vaccinate and provide smoking cessation information to my patients as I am submerged in their acute,
October 2019

Beyond a spoonful of sugar

And of course now the horrible news about the shooting rampage in Tucson.]. . ... Hey! and let's not forget prognosis answers. ] When did medicine, like life, become "no pain, no gain?".
October 2019

Heavy on my soul

Crying because I would miss seeing the life of this beautiful woman continuing to unfold. ... Manning’s blog about teaching, learning, caring and growing in medicine and life.
October 2019

Death smells like vanilla

In place of a cigarette was a tube, about a quarter of an inch wide. ... More powerful was another bit of sludge on a shelf by the window.
October 2019

On reducing cancer care costs by resetting expectations, and hope

This point follows closely from the previous, that doctors need to talk with patients earlier on end-of-life issues. ... experiences as they near the end of life. .
October 2019

QD: News Every Day--Do the words 'doctor's orders' mean anything anymore?

Now, they don't accept their doctor's best advice in end-of-life decisions. ... But all is not lost. Doctors can still successfully help patients at the end of life and their families through paperwork.
October 2019

Champagne on our deathbeds

It was about his life as doctor specializing in infectious diseases in small town Tennessee during the early days of the AIDS epidemic. ... The doctor calmed him, took a syringe, gave him an injection of camphor, and ordered champagne.
October 2019

QD: News Every Day--Doctors struggle to interpret advance directives

Struggling with the meaning of end-of-life directives shouldn't be. Physicians misidentify living wills as do-not-resuscitate (DNR) designations and DNR orders as end-of-life care directives, ... The authors wrote, "It is clear from the data that
October 2019

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