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Son's plea to prolong life at any cost sparks ethical quandary

Physicians aren't obligated to provide end-of-life care that is ineffective or harmful, by Lachlan Forrow, FACP. ... This is not so. The problem arises most intensely in the context of life support issues in the ICU.
September 2008

Hospice: mission creep

Are you dying?”. -Not that he knew of. He’d just been told that he’d get more “home services” that way. ... Members of the American College of Physicians contribute posts from their own sites to ACP Internist.
October 2019

Cultural differences complicate a terminal cancer diagnosis

The College's new guidelines recommend that clinicians regularly assess end-of-life patients for symptoms of pain, dyspnea and depression, and use proven therapies to treat these conditions. ... And if the patient learns, often inevitably, that her
March 2008

Physicians practice putting mind over matter

of a year discussing such topics as end-of-life and self care. ... day of training, at the end of the first eight weeks, then 12 months and 15 months later.
January 2008

A death well spent

Oftentimes, the end is a three-week stay in the intensive care unit on a respirator while pneumonia finally puts a period to it. ... What is remarkable about the patient I am caring for at the moment has been her incredible determination in clinging to
October 2019

Managing diabetes meds more complicated in elderly patients

Turn to our story to learn more. Palliative care can still often be thought of as something that occurs near the end of life, but there's a strong argument for ... How do you prepare for flu season? Are you comfortable with early discussions of
October 2014

Peace and permission

Farrell. Now when patients are facing some irreversible illness that has brought them near the end of life—or for those blessed near-centurions who've simply stopped thriving—along with ... But damn is it important. Sick people nearing the end of
October 2019

Influence, interactions, and ethical dilemmas

In the end, Dr. Bledsoe said he took time at the man's next visit to thank him for his thoughtful gift but also to explain that it was unnecessary and ... Physicians have been confronted with such ethical dilemmas since the dawn of medical practice,
May 2019

Points to consider in palliative care

An integrated model of curative and palliative care may lead some physicians to reconsider their role in care at the end of life. ... Hagman. She offered pearls on what to start, stop, and consider when caring for patients near the end of life.
July 2018

QD: News Every Day--Elderly want longevity over quality, but it's tough to predict

trade. End-of-life preferences were assessed at baseline, and at 12 and 18 months. ... An editorial commented that patients must receive accurate information about life expectancy in order to make better choice about their end-of-life.
October 2019

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