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QD: News Every Day--'Death panels' a shorthand way of stating a lengthy issue

The phrase "death panels" has become political shorthand, a way of undercutting health care reform on the back of the difficult issue of end-of-life planning. ... Finally, the polemicist. Also supporting "death panels" that link end-of-life planning and
May 2020

Courage, sacrifice, and internal medicine—a year in review

This is the end of my year as ACP President, and it has been the honor of a lifetime. ... Patients look to us to help solve the problems of prescription drug costs and opioid dependence, provide access to compassionate and ethical end-of-life care,
April 2017

Internal Medicine mixes new offerings with old favorites

Panelists will discuss real-life situations such as having a patient at end-of-life with little chance of survival who refuses a DNR order and insists everything be done to ... prolong his life.
March 2009

A death well spent

Oftentimes, the end is a three-week stay in the intensive care unit on a respirator while pneumonia finally puts a period to it. ... What is remarkable about the patient I am caring for at the moment has been her incredible determination in clinging to
May 2020

Peace and permission

Farrell. Now when patients are facing some irreversible illness that has brought them near the end of life—or for those blessed near-centurions who've simply stopped thriving—along with ... But damn is it important. Sick people nearing the end of
May 2020

On reducing cancer care costs by resetting expectations, and hope

This point follows closely from the previous, that doctors need to talk with patients earlier on end-of-life issues. ... experiences as they near the end of life. .
May 2020

Accurate coding of the Initial Preventive Physical Examination

The IPPE could also include discussion of end-of-life planning if the patient agrees. ... Section 4104 of the ACA waived the co-insurance and the deductible for this code.
October 2014

Vital statistic

And she will make you fill out the form carefully, using only "allowable" causes of death. . ... Of course, everyone dies from the same thing: lack of oxygen to the brain.
May 2020

Stewardship, stewardship, stewardship

1) Manisha Juthani-Mehta and co-authors just published an excellent JAMA Viewpoint discussing antimicrobials at the end of life. ... 2) “Clinical algorithms aimed at improving antimicrobial stewardship from an infectious disease standpoint must also
May 2020

Physicians practice putting mind over matter

of a year discussing such topics as end-of-life and self care. ... day of training, at the end of the first eight weeks, then 12 months and 15 months later.
January 2008

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