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Son's plea to prolong life at any cost sparks ethical quandary

Physicians aren't obligated to provide end-of-life care that is ineffective or harmful, by Lachlan Forrow, FACP. ... This is not so. The problem arises most intensely in the context of life support issues in the ICU.
September 2008

Well visits not just for kids anymore

Function may become apparent on the trip from the waiting room to the exam room, or from quick small talk about the patient's life. ... Discussing end-of-life issues in people who are still well is more difficult to do and not necessarily appreciated or
June 2011

A doctor seeks ways to encourage earlier palliative care talks

People would accept more toxicity, quality of life would be further from optimal, really because of the potential promise of living longer but not necessarily the reality of living longer.”. ... One is EPEC (Education on Palliative and End-of-life Care)
October 2014

Managing diabetes meds more complicated in elderly patients

Turn to our story to learn more. Palliative care can still often be thought of as something that occurs near the end of life, but there's a strong argument for ... How do you prepare for flu season? Are you comfortable with early discussions of
October 2014

Points to consider in palliative care

An integrated model of curative and palliative care may lead some physicians to reconsider their role in care at the end of life. ... Hagman. She offered pearls on what to start, stop, and consider when caring for patients near the end of life.
July 2018

GME needs serious financial and structural reform

about end-of-life care. ... But the current system is in need of serious financial and structural reform.
September 2016

Building the medical home starts in school

And at the University of Cincinnati, residents are sad at the end of their primary care rotation. ... up to date, assure there is a plan in place as they age and a plan for end of life,” said Ms.
November 2011

First do no harm

He was diagnosed with bladder cancer and doctors recommended surgery that had a 50% chance of extending his life. ... life. The odds of him ever being back on the tennis court are considerably lower than the chance he would live longer.
May 2020

Managing the elderly with cardiovascular disease

Forman, but most are also concerned about their overall quality of life and independence. ... death. However, that device then inadvertently dictates basic patterns at the end-of-life, and for some seniors this can even mean living a “hellish
October 2011

Treating patients afraid to present

Heather Laird-Fick, MD, FACP, an associate professor of medicine at Michigan State University, described how a recent end-of-life case she helped write up grew out of a sense ... She was diagnosed with metastatic cervical cancer, and her options were
October 2018

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