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Keeping our wits with (and about) cholesterol

If elevated cholesterol were going to harm them, it would have done so earlier. ... It does nothing to refute the harms of high cholesterol over time in everyone else.
January 2021

Ultraprocessed food makes us fat: forewarned, but not forearmed

Ultraprocessed food makes us fat: forewarned, but not forearmed. Ultraprocessed foods make us overeat, and get fat. ... The investigators matched the two diets for many key elements of nutrition, including calories, energy density, macronutrients (fat,
January 2021

Calculating risk for cholesterol drugs

Cholesterol lowering in 2015: still answering questions about how and in whom [Editorial]. ... New therapies in the treatment of high cholesterol: an argument to return to goal-based lipid guidelines.
November 2015

Losing it: A rational approach to hair loss | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

You could refer, but you could also biopsy,” said Dr. Malerich, adding that two 4-mm punch biopsies that extend to the fat are preferred (one for horizontal sectioning, one for
April 2019

New cholesterol guideline focuses on statin intensity, not LDL

Statins can be used as primary prevention in patients with diabetes who are between 40 and 75 years of age with low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels of 70 to 189 ... Something like non-HDL cholesterol may actually be a better assessment of
June 2014

Athletes want to share the fat

muscle they'd also like to add body fat in order to look more like other young men their age. ... Goes to show that the grass is always greener. Turns out fat can also help you look younger, according to a new study of identical twins.
January 2021

Big, fat transgression

Big, fat transgression. Trans fat is going, if not yet gone, and good riddance to it. ... Concerned parents have long since cast votes against trans fats at the nation's cash registers.
January 2021

Performance measurement and the new cholesterol guidelines

Performance measurement and the new cholesterol guidelines. Physicians face a consistent great challenge. ... These and several other emergent properties could act in concert with the potent low-density lipoprotein cholesterol-lowering effects of statins
January 2021

The simple truth about cholesterol

Those between 10% and 20% should also adopt lifestyle changes and consider cholesterol-lowering medication. ... Just don't ask for Lipitor, the most widely prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication.
January 2021

QD: News Every Day--Trans-fat levels falling in adults

QD: News Every Day--Trans-fat levels falling in adults. Trans-fatty acids in white adults decreased by 58% in the U.S. ... The suspicion is that a lot of trans-fatty acids increase LDL cholesterol.
January 2021

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