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It was a simple follow up for diabetes and high blood pressure and high cholesterol and not much more. ... We sure did.”. And that? That did me in. Man. I tried my best to smile at her as the fat tears rolling down my cheeks mirrored the ones that had
January 2021

The well-chewed calorie

Drs. Ludwig and Friedman posit that we overeat because we get fat, but that merely begs the question: Why did we get fat in the first place? ... why so many of us are fat, but how on earth any of us manage not to be!
January 2021

Trick or treat!

A group of 50 women had fat liposuctioned from their thighs, bellies or "other areas" and injected into their breasts, according to HealthDay. ... Alternate fat reduction strategy: see some photos of this procedure and develop sudden motivation to skip
January 2021

Investing in EHRs pays off in paperless perks

computer. “This gobbles up staff time because, for example, a lipid count has five values that need to be entered by hand.
February 2008

Right call; wrong reason

objectives of demonstrating patient compliance with the direction to check their low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) level and, after checking their LDL-C level, take appropriate action based on their ... check how patients respond to statin
January 2021

Patients find medical home in Pennsylvania

It doesn't take very many diabetic patients who don't have foot amputations or strokes because you got their blood pressure and cholesterol under control and they started wearing molded
April 2009

Predicting heart disease with markers is risky undertaking

W. Gregory Feero, MD, PhD. Age, sex, BMI, smoking status, hypertension, diabetes, family history and cholesterol levels are the heavy hitters of risk assessment for coronary heart disease (CHD). ... Many of these associations are related to lipid
February 2009

Cardiac care critical for diabetic patients

death (potentially traditional clinical ones like cholesterol, inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein or some new physiologic measurements). ... Reaching a goal of 70 [mg/dL] for your LDL cholesterol is difficult for many patients,” he said.
July 2009

Quantified self

There is a striking circadian rhythm in cholesterol levels (measured every hour), unrelated to food;. • ... There is a marked variation in cholesterol (measured daily) over the course of a menstrual cycle;. •
January 2021

Array of symptoms can point to celiac

Plus, some patients end up with elevated cholesterol levels because they eat a lot of meat and cheese instead of bread.
April 2010

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