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QD: News Every Day--Patients won't fill lipid drugs more than other classes

QD: News Every Day--Patients won't fill lipid drugs more than other classes.
January 2021

A comparison of low carb and low fat diets

This all suggests that a low carbohydrate diet leads to more weight loss than a low fat diet while improving body fat composition and some cholesterol measures. ... This study at least reassures you that your cholesterol and body fat composition won’t
January 2021

Misremembering what makes us fat

Some of us will do better than others on more or less dietary fat, higher or lower total intake of carbohydrate, a bit more or less daily protein. ... But soda, processed meat, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners, monstrous portions, trans fat, high
January 2021

QD: News Every Day--Body fat is all about the excess calories

Consuming excess calories increases body fat, regardless of how many calories come from protein. ... An accompanying editorial noted that low-protein diets are usually higher in empty calories and hidden fats, compared to protein-rich diets that
January 2021

Pseudoconfusion about saturated fat: 5 reasons for 1 hot mess

Yes, but, the headlines tell us: butter fat protects against type 2 diabetes! ... All the good sources of monounsaturated fat, like nuts, seeds, olives, and avocado.
January 2021

Guidelines diminish cholesterol worries

The amounts of saturated fat and total calories in a person's diet, not dietary cholesterol, are the big drivers of blood cholesterol. ... and a member of the 2015 dietary guidelines committee, agrees that elevated cholesterol is often connected to
June 2015

Ending the big, fat debate

Certain fats, notably trans fat, are decisively harmful. There is good, bad, and ugly in the mix. ... Trans fats: With its recent action, the FDA has effectively “banned” trans fat from routine use in the U.S.
January 2021

Why internists should care about lipoprotein(a)

Internists are used to keeping a close eye on patients' cholesterol, but most do not routinely test for lipoprotein(a), a lesser known but still significant risk factor for heart disease. ... density lipoprotein [LDL] cholesterol level 190 mg/dL).
May 2020

What the new dietary fat study results really mean

disease in the highest intake of omega-3 fat compared to the lowest. ... Looking at variation in saturated fat while ignoring sugar is an exercise in futility.
January 2021

QD: News Every Day--Fat mice, omega-3s and obesity

QD: News Every Day--Fat mice, omega-3s and obesity. Scientists have honed in on why omega-3 fatty acids are good for you. ... Chronic inflammation can lead to insulin insensitivity. Enter the mice. Fed a high-fat diet, they gained weight, had chronic
January 2021

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