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There are challenges when translating research to practice

By revealing that shared incentives (those that link financial rewards for patients and physicians together) are more effective than individual or no incentives in controlling lipid levels and adherence, their randomized
April 2016

Crossed Words: Glued to the answer

5) Bone scan negative. 6) Pick another—cause of deranged lipids, lungs and liver.
January 2014

Diet for a hungry, fat, dry, wet, hot, sick planet

Diet for a hungry, fat, dry, wet, hot, sick planet. I have been privileged this past week to preside one final time as President over the annual meeting of the American ... Dr. Vartiainen took us through nearly 50 years of data, showing how interventions
January 2021

Shifting standards for hypertension

Similar to treating high cholesterol, Dr. Sussman's first criteria is to assess his patient's overall heart and stroke risk.
March 2016

Putting sugar on trial

Since saturated fat was already found liable for its damage why look further? ... Sugar, they assert, is fully as bad as saturated fat (and vice versa).
January 2021

MKSAP Quiz: 3-month history of fatigue, rash

Livedo reticularis is a lacy, purple, mottling of the skin that frequently occurs in patients with cholesterol emboli syndrome, SLE, Raynaud phenomenon, the antiphospholipid syndrome, and other connective tissue disorders.
September 2014

Diet, dog and dogma

The news was leaked in advance of the report release that the current committee has dropped the recommendation for restricting dietary cholesterol intake. ... The committee thus retained saturated fat as a nutrient of concern, suggesting we limit our
January 2021

Improved BP control requires patients to change behavior

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipids, and heart failure, you may be taking as many as 14 prescription medications,” said Raymond R. ... Following the DASH diet, which is low in sodium and fat and rich in fruits and vegetables, equals
March 2015

Targeting glycemic control in the elderly

It's not just glycemic control. If you look at the new cholesterol guidelines, if you look at the new hypertension guidelines, [prostate-specific antigen] screening, there's been a lot
October 2014

‘Goldilocks' goal for diabetes and CKD

to 40.6%) and lipid-lowering drugs (8.9% to 50.2%) was also up. ... Dr. Osei prefers a more individualized approach. He doesn't typically prescribe a statin in diabetic patients without kidney disease or other cardiac risk factors unless their
November 2012

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