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Experts weigh in on ethics of social media success

Image by Urupong. A recent case study from ACP's Center for Ethics and Professionalism, accessible on Medscape (login required), noted that the definition of professionalism demands that “physicians put patient ... professor at Brown Medical School and
May 2021

ACP Internist

Dr. Kirsch is a full time practicing physician and writer who addresses the joys and challenges of medical practice, including controversies in the doctor-patient relationship, medical ethics and measuring medical ... And mandating vaccinations may be
May 2021

Ethics rounds

Ethics rounds. A 35 year old woman comes to see you for a sore throat. ... Respecting a patient's autonomy (one of our current ethical imperatives) means providing informed consent, that is, telling the patient anything they reasonably need to know to
May 2021

Professionalism in wartime: Arab and Jewish medical staffers caring together

Professionalism in wartime: Arab and Jewish medical staffers caring together. [Editor’s Note: The following is quoted from Tal Kessler, an intern at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was translated
May 2021

Dementia care poses ethical quagmires

Dementia presents unique ethical challenges for physicians because it is a “disease of autonomy.”. ... Jokela, MD, MPH, FACP, Chair of ACP's Ethics, Professionalism, and Human Rights Committee.
May 2020

Examining ethical dilemmas that occur in everyday practice

Finally, from a preventive ethics perspective, this case highlights the importance of having early conversations with patients and families about foreseeable future ethical dilemmas. ... E-mail us your comments on this case and commentary. ACP's Center
January 2008

War dilemmas put medical ethics under fire

During the session, sponsored by the College's Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee, Walter J. ... The ethical pressures on these hypothetical physicians only increased with the second case study.
July 2008

Influence, interactions, and ethical dilemmas

Image by AndreyPopov. Dr. Bledsoe, the Immediate Past Chair of ACP's Ethics, Professionalism, and Human Rights Committee, detailed this dilemma via email among several other personal experiences. ... BMJ Qual Saf. 2017;26:200-208. [PMID: 27009311].
May 2019

Balancing ethics, risks of ‘right to try’

The proliferation of right-to-try legislation might create treatment challenges for doctors as well, said Tom Bledsoe, MD, FACP, chair of ACP's Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee. ... Bledsoe, who was speaking personally and not in his
January 2018

Medical professionalism faces new challenges, opportunities

Medical professionalism is the set of values, behaviors and relationships that helps us maintain this trust. ... responsibility. We must convince payers that they too should follow the tenets of medical professionalism as they share responsibility for
January 2012

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