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Letter to the Editor

A reader reacts to ethics surrounding civilian and war-time prisoner containment.
1 Sep 2008

Commercial screening tests not always indicated, ethical

Commercial screening tests marketed directly to the consumer are not always indicated or ethical, according to a recent opinion piece.
28 Aug 2012

Colorectal screening methods debated

The prevention successes achieved by colorectal cancer screening have been well documented, but the debate persists regarding to what extent should doctors insist on colonoscopy, rather than allowing patients to select a method that they are more likely to consistently follow.
1 Jun 2016

IMGs get acculturation advice from a veteran

In an already overwhelming time period of residency, international medical graduates face extra burdens: confusing slang from patients, questioning authority when needed, and interacting with more knowledgeable subordinates. Cultural barriers have to be crossed to adapt to life in a U.S. residency.
1 Jun 2010

Debunking HIPAA myths in the digital age

Twenty years of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act have not led physicians to full understanding of how to implement it in their offices. Four commons myths can be addressed more easily than is commonly thought.
1 Apr 2016

ACP supports Saudi physicians upholding medical ethics

The American College of Physicians and Physicians for Human Rights sent a letter to the Minister of Health of Saudi Arabia in support for Saudi physicians and hospitals who have refused to intentionally inflict a spinal cord injury in retribution for an alleged attack that resulted in another person's paralysis. “Consistent with the principle of nonmaleficence,” the letter states, “in medical ethics—to do no harm—we are confident that the use of medical facilities, procedures and personnel to maim human beings is, under all circumstances including the punishment of convicted criminals, abhorrent to physicians everywhere.”
14 Sep 2010

ACP signs on to ethics code for interactions with companies

ACP signed on to the Code for Interactions with Companies, released April 21 by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS). The code guides medical societies in developing policies and procedures that safeguard the independence and transparency of their programs, policies and advocacy positions in relationships with industry.
4 May 2010

New ethics case study addresses medical professionalism on social media

A case study explores the ethical issues that arise when an internal medicine resident posts a picture of a patient's rash, history, and test results on Facebook under the caption, “What's the diagnosis?” The post doesn't contain any of the patient's personal information such as name or age.
9 Feb 2016

Doctors debate the ethics of assisted suicide

The medical community and the world at large are looking at how physician-assisted suicide has played out in Washington, Oregon and Montana. Are these states a bellwether or a death knell for legalizing the issue elsewhere? And how should physicians respond when presented with such requests from their patients?.
1 Jul 2010

3 Cs: Corporatization, consolidation, commodification

Current trends in health care emphasize the importance of our continued advocacy efforts for our patients and our profession.
1 Mar 2022

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