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New ethics case study offers guidance on care of cognitively impaired patients

Preventive Health Screening, Ethics, and the Cognitively Impaired Patient is a new ACP ethics case study available online for CME credit.
5 Nov 2013

New ethics case study, “When an Aging Colleague Seems Impaired”

“When an Aging Colleague Seems Impaired” is a new ACP ethics case study that is available online for CME credit. This case study explores the physician's ethical obligation to address a colleague's (or one's own) impairment in order to protect the safety of patients and to assist the impaired physician.
7 Jan 2014

Ethical duties in “Talking with Patients about Other Clinicians' Errors”

A recent New England Journal of Medicine Sounding Board article examined clinicians' ethical duty to address others' medical errors with patients and examines possible solutions for both physicians and institutions.
5 Nov 2013

‘Preventive ethics' come into play when a DNR is confusing

A case study examines how a hospitalist handled confusing and conflicting demands placed by a do-not-resuscitate order.
1 Apr 2008

Advocacy is a marathon that mimics our patient encounters

We do advocacy work on a daily basis when we see patients, and we have to approach our interactions with legislators in a similar way.
1 Jun 2022

Internal Medicine Meeting 2022 goes hybrid

It will be the first in-person Internal Medicine Meeting since 2019 in Philadelphia and the first Internal Medicine Meeting held in the Windy City since 1990.
1 Mar 2022

Refusal of treatment can present some tricky ethical dilemmas

This issue includes stories on informed refusal and on managing psoriasis.
1 Feb 2014

New ACP case study addresses ethics in a health emergency

“Stewardship of Health Care Resources: Allocating Mechanical Ventilators during Pandemic Influenza,” a new case study from ACP's Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee, is available online for CME credit.
12 Mar 2013

ACP issues policy statement on global COVID-19 vaccine distribution and allocation

The College's statement stresses that physicians have a responsibility to advocate for the health and well-being of patients and communities locally and globally and calls for a coordinated global vaccination effort to be ethical as well as practical.
22 Jun 2021

ACP advises on physician suicide prevention; study examines depression in med students

New ethical guidance from the College offers advice on how to respond to physician suicide, while a recent study found that depressive symptoms became more common as medical students progressed through school.
8 Jun 2021

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