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Who loses if Obamacare is repealed? Just about everyone

Some 60 million people suffer from such conditions. Under the ACA, mental health is an “essential benefit” that insurers must cover to the same degree as they cover other medical care. ... The ACA also prohibits denials for people with pre-existing
February 2017

This doctor's 'complex' patients aren't who you think they are

patient's personal characteristics (challenging patients),. --patient's mental health issues (includes substance abuse), and. ... These patients generated more visits, more high cost procedures and more need for mental health services.
June 2020

Overlooking PAD in primary care

We've written before about the best way for internists to ensure that their primary care patients are also getting good mental health care.
April 2011

QD: News Every Day--Methadone's mortality risks far outweigh its rate of prescribing

The CDC recommender that health care providers follow guidelines for prescribing methadone and other prescription painkillers correctly, including:. ... screening and monitoring for substance abuse and mental health problems. --prescribing only the
June 2020

Work up the whole patient when treating IBS

She said it's important to explain what she's referring them for and offers to call to explain to the mental health specialist why she is making the referral, especially ... It's best to use psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health
November 2009

The health care system needs a change of heart

Mental health issues crowd emergency departments, as few mental health clinics are available. ... Persons with little interest in their own health continue to smoke and drink, use Meth and eat poorly.
June 2020

Unmasking the patient's hidden agenda

Dr. Gilson has a special interest in mental health, and three days before he saw this patient, he had led a focus group on suicide prevention in primary care medicine. ... Debra Roter, PhD, a professor of health policy and management at Johns Hopkins
September 2009

QD: News Every Day--Women who drink moderately, regularly may age better

higher chance of successful ageing, defined as being free of 11 major chronic diseases and having no major cognitive, physical or mental health limitations at age 70. ... If nondrinkers survived, they had lower health-related quality-of-life scores on
June 2020

QD: News Every Day--Human brains consistent despite other racial differences

axis. Each dot represents a comparison between two individuals. The research appeared in the Journal Nature and was described by the National Institutes of Health in a press release. ... periods. Sex differences in the risk for certain mental disorders
June 2020

'Cancer survivorship' and the search for higher meaning

We may need to address problems in the physical, mental/emotional and/or spiritual spheres. ... After all, quality is as important as quantity. Certainly, health care professionals are well trained to deal with physical issues.
June 2020

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