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Physicians step up as initiatives change nursing home care

The only time things change in mental health care is when someone at the national or state level is directly affected by the issue, like when John F. ... Kennedy's sister Rosemary had mental health problems, or when Rosalynn Carter or Tipper Gore took an
May 2015

Finesse required to treat anxiety in the elderly

Discussing the patient's mental health history is imperative because most anxiety disorders first appear earlier in life, said David R. ... In: Diwan S, ed. Mental Health and Older Adults Electronic Resource Reviews.
January 2013

Variety of coding changes loom for 2013

All of these codes represent an innovative step in health claim reporting: the inclusion of non-face-to-face work and time. ... writing) for the transition of a beneficiary from care furnished by a treating physician during a hospital stay, skilled
November 2012

Medicare pays for annual depression screening

who can facilitate and coordinate referrals for necessary mental health treatment. ... interactions with any mental health professional to whom a patient is referred.
March 2012

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

capital. And mental health problems are also pervasive in the earthquake's aftermath, according to Dr. ... We are going to need mental health volunteers and counselors on an ongoing basis.”.
May 2010

Improving access key to reform, says Commonwealth Fund VP

Art 1 One source of information about health policy is the Commonwealth Fund. ... states. The set of 37 indicators is broad and includes subjects as diverse as access to mental health care, infant mortality and adult immunization rates.
May 2008

Adapting primary care to include transgender patients

Most mental health issues also should fall within the purview of primary care, with internists helping to coordinate care that goes beyond their boundaries. ... able to provide referral to a good and competent mental health provider or therapist,” Dr.
November 2017

Internists healing tsunami's aftereffects

His suggestions include broadening mental health services to encompass more cognitive behavioral techniques and talk-based interventions, rather than simply prescribing pills. ... They cry in the dark.”. As a result, the mental health support structure
September 2011

One more update from IM10

And while we're on the subject of mental health, a tip about suicidal patients.
June 2020

What this year's Medicare battle portends for health care

There are further benefits. Medicare will pay for preventive services recommended by an expert advisory panel, such as a longer timeframe to give the “Welcome to Medicare” exam, mental health ... But by joining with many other physician organizations,
September 2008

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