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QD: News Every Day--More Medicaid funding on the books

to cut mental health programs and close facilities. ... The result is that patients who'd relied on publically funded programs to address mental health issues, or just not get so frustrated at a lack of resources, sometimes turn violent
June 2020

Opioid abuse potential prompts monitoring role for internists

The initiative began in 2009 to facilitate public-private collaborations with the health care community to reduce preventable harm from medications. ... The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a number of resources, including a
May 2011

Internists can help with alcohol misuse

can lead to mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, Dr. ... a significant comorbid mental health diagnosis, said Dr.
October 2015

The big picture

Her eyes were bloodshot. She responded to my casual greeting of "How are you?" with a sigh. "How am I? I'm alive; I can tell you that much f...
June 2020

Letters to the Editor

However, to tie these tragic events to “burnout” is unfortunate and further trivializes the need for mental health assessments, substance use identification, treatment access, and support from the profession. ... their mental health needs and having
March 2015

‘Party drugs' require hard work to spot and treat

Salvia causes brief, intense hallucinations and can exacerbate preexisting mental health problems.
June 2013

Catch Parkinson's early for better support

It can be challenging to sort out a diagnosis in older patients, who might already be coping with other significant health conditions and mobility challenges, said Kyle Moylan, MD, FACP, an ... Reich said. Remind those caregivers that they should not
April 2020

Manage diagnosis, follow-up of depression systematically

It begins with having patients fill out a two-item screening questionnaire for depression, the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-2), in the waiting room.
June 2011

The danger of hospitalization

As an academic hospitalist, I see how the hospital affects patients. The hospital has become a necessary evil for those who are very sick. B...
June 2020

Managing depression is worth the effort

Depression's impact on health is often profound and far-reaching, potentially equaling that of coronary artery disease. ... Even when there is a therapist available, a patient's health insurance plan may restrict the number of visits, and plans can have
May 2016

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