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Stronger warning for montelukast; COVID-19 actions

help reduce lung inflammation and improve lung function in patients with COVID-19. ... that unauthorized fraudulent test kits are being marketed to test for COVID-19 in the home.
May 2020

Ranitidine pulled from market; COVID-19 updates

to help identify people who may have been exposed to the virus or who have recovered from COVID-19. ... clinical trial, as indicated in their emergency use authorization to treat COVID-19.
June 2020

Preventive care still on during COVID-19 Physicians attempting to reconnect with patients can take advantage of prescription refill requests or telemedicine visits to ... As the pandemic stretches on into
November 2020

The push toward a COVID-19 vaccine

Bell noted—and the morbidity and mortality different groups face from COVID-19. ... Rachel Levine, MD, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, addressed the politics of COVID-19 vaccination.
November 2020

COVID-19 vaccine development must balance speed, safety Multiple methods and numerous trials are underway in an attempt to develop a vaccine to end ... The race is on to develop a vaccine to help end the COVID
June 2020

Championing well-being amid COVID-19

But as has happened so many times before, a COVID-19 surge changed well-laid plans. ... The challenge has continued during COVID-19. Image courtesy of Greg Sturgeon, MD.
March 2022

Panel ponders postacute sequelae of COVID-19

Dr. Brooks, a medical epidemiologist and the chief medical officer for the CDC's COVID-19 response. ... Dr. Cotton also asked her colleagues' thoughts about another intervention that has been thought to possibly help PASC patients—COVID-19 vaccines.
July 2021

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

Telehealth to Support Immunization. Flu versus COVID-19: A Contagious Conundrum. Influenza Immunization Recommendations Update. ... COVID-19 variants on vaccine efficacy, comparative effectiveness of the different vaccines, and postvaccine behavior
May 2021

Health professionals lying about COVID-19

Health professionals lying about COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic continues. The 96% of COVID-19-immunized physicians in America are becoming infuriated by people resisting vaccine and masking. ... Many of these doctors have had their licenses revoked
May 2022

Peripheral artery disease The randomized trial, which connected patients with intermittent claudication due to peripheral artery disease (PAD) with physical therapists, found an increase ... Possible reasons could have
April 2022

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