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Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP Spotlight offers readers a look at ACP's current top priorities and initiatives, as well as highlights from our e-newsletter, ACP Internist Weekly.
1 Jul 2022

Healing the homeless during COVID-19

Communities are protecting homeless residents from crowded shelter conditions during the pandemic by using Federal Emergency Management Agency funding to provide shelter in hotel and motel rooms.
1 Sep 2020

New research on mixed vaccine boosters, long-term outcomes, omicron severity

A study found mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccines to be safe and effective, other research showed ongoing symptoms to be common at one year after infection, the CDC analyzed the severity of omicron, and the FDA revised outpatient treatment authorizations.
1 Feb 2022

Better care for patients with disability

Physicians report lacking knowledge about their legal responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and may not be confident about their ability to provide the same quality of care to patients with disability as they do to those without it.
1 Jun 2022

Belonging can boost well-being for physicians

A conversation between two experts at an Internal Medicine Meeting plenary session offers five ways to boost physicians' well-being.
1 Jul 2022

Perioperative medicine changed in the pandemic

In the face of a lack of guidance on perioperative medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals are developing their own guidelines on timing of surgery after infection in vaccinated patients.
1 May 2022

When to test, isolate, prescribe for outpatient COVID-19

Panelists at ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine's eighth virtual forum on COVID-19 discussed the latest recommendations and treatment options.
1 Mar 2022

Preventive care still on during COVID-19

COVID-19 may foster innovation in primary care as physicians describe various strategies to reconnect with patients, such as leveraging telemedicine visits to also explain the practice's coronavirus-related safety protocols, or systematically reviewing their panels to flag at-risk patients.
1 Nov 2020

FDA considers new approach to safe disposal of opioids

This column reviews details on recent recalls, alerts, and approvals.
1 Jun 2022

New recommendations for high-risk outpatients; data on omicron and boosters, breakthrough infections, myocarditis

The NIH updated its COVID-19 treatment guidelines for high-risk outpatients in response to the omicron variant, recommending the combination of ritonavir-nirmatrelvir above other options, and studies showed the effect of a booster dose. ACP practice points and new research looked at immunity conferred by infection or vaccination. Two studies quantified association of carditis with the mRNA vaccines.
25 Jan 2022

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