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Facts about hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19

Some studies are showing that the drug can work in cell cultures against COVID-19. • ... Health professionals and experts are saying “hydroxychloroquine is not a harmless panacea for COVID-19.”.
May 2022

Corona COVID-19 facts for you

A: Both SARs and COVID-19 viruses behave the same on solid surfaces. ... A: There is no evidence that Ibuprofen worsens the effect of COVID-19.
May 2022

Racism in the record?

And then also the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic: We actually saw a lower adjusted odds for encounters during that time period having a negative descriptor. ... Dr. Peek: I would add to that people have been talking about the dual pandemics of COVID and
April 2022

Pandemic parenting as a physician

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, David Alfandre, MD, MSPH, and Heather E. ... The arrival of COVID-19 in New York City highlighted the value of this kind of tradeoff.
October 2020

COVID-19 fatigue, the good and the bad

COVID-19 fatigue is part depression, part anxiety, part fear with a hint of hopelessness thrown in. ... COVID-19 is especially cruel to people who are overweight, have hypertension, diabetes, and liver disease.
May 2022

Positioning patient portals for success Recent growth in use of patient portals has been spurred by increases in virtual visits due to COVID-19. ... But growth in portals in recent years, coupled with
November 2020

Internal Medicine Meeting 2022 goes hybrid

Image by Sean Pavone. During the two-year planning process for this year's meeting, Internal Medicine Meeting 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19, and Internal Medicine Meeting 2021 was ... In terms of the program content, Dr. Garment said it will be
March 2022

Death counts from COVID-19 underestimate actual numbers!

Death counts from COVID-19 underestimate actual numbers! I have recently become aware that some people are mistakenly getting suspicious that COVID-19 death counts are an overestimate. ... The bottom line is that, when we finally have all the data, our
May 2022

Protective equipment for physicians' mental health

the anesthesia residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, recently joined ACP Internist for a conversation about physician mental health and COVID-19. ... A: Dr. Barrett: A small number of physicians have taken care of their own colleagues
September 2021

Factoring drug costs into diabetes decisions

options. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, one-quarter of patients with diabetes reported self-rationing medical supplies to reduce treatment costs, according to a survey released by ... 19 in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Black
May 2022

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