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Doctors discuss the consequences of misleading medical news

Doctors have to spend a lot of time correcting patients' misimpressions of medical research based on mainstream media reporting, readers tol...
June 2020

Doctor, commit to eye contact

In the case of healthcare, during frequent emotional exchanges between two human beings, it naturally follows then that simple eye contact has to be at the core of the doctor-patient ... interaction. I write and teach a lot about communication skills
June 2020

Computers in patient care

I believe in the power of mobile computers to help us with patient care. ... Please, please make sure that staring into a screen doesn't replace sitting at a patient's bedside.
June 2020

Opioid contracts for chronic pain patients threaten the doctor-patient relationship

Opioid contracts for chronic pain patients threaten the doctor-patient relationship. A contract is an agreement stipulating the rights and obligations of the signatories. ... I learned recently about the existence of opioid contracts, an agreement
June 2020

How doctors should communicate over the phone during COVID-19

For doctors who are very busy, every patient waiting may feel like “just another name on the list,” but for them, it's a low and crushing point in their life. ... The majority of physicians will leave the patient's room and then go to a side room and
June 2020

Doctor, patient, friend: Blurring the boundaries

2. Discuss with patients the need to document doctor-patient communication in the medical record. ... Those same physicians might hesitate to have coffee or dinner with a patient.
June 2020

QD: News Every Day--Physicians muzzled when talking to patients about guns

Physicians cannot record that a patient owns a gun into a medical record. ... Now, the nature of the physician-patient relationship is at risk, a lawyer representing the physicians told Medical News Today.
June 2020

Help from afar: telemedicine vs. telephone advice for stroke

With telemedicine, you can make a visual assessment of the patient; you can see where you are going,” Dr. ... With telemedicine, there is less ambiguity because the consulting physician can actually see the patient and do an exam, she said.
April 2009

Should I call you doctor, doctor?

I used to live in a small town in Colorado where everyone called the local physician Dr. PJ. He was a hippie who marched in parades throwing...
June 2020

3 big reasons why the health care experience matters

3. It makes our jobs more enjoyable. The very best organizations which understand patient experience is paramount, are also undoubtedly the best ones to work in. ... great patient experience and get stellar reviews, have always been a pleasure to be
June 2020

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