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The therapeutic relationship in "The King's Speech"

Finally, Lionel was very discreet, serving as trusted guardian of his patient's confidential health information. ... He comes to apologize to his difficult patient. The willingness to admit fallibility and error is another important aspect of medical
August 2019

Still caring

Still caring. I got a call from a patient who had a family member sick and in the ICU. ... to the patient, but to the needs of the family.” We fell like they've adopted us here into the ICU.
August 2019

Time to listen

Sorry. I was struck by the difference between my care and that of the rest of the system as I cared for a patient recently. ... I give patients 30 minutes of my time for normal visits, and 60 for complex care or new patient visits.
August 2019

Doctors, ditch the tie and the coat

ACP Internist has addressed doctors' dress before . Most recently, blogger Toni Brayer, FACP, dressed down doctors for wearing ties . Now, ...
August 2019

Doctor/patient communication could use a boost

Doctor/patient communication could use a boost. In a surprising report from the Archives of Internal Medicine, we learn that most hospitalized patients (82%) could not accurately name the physician responsible ... The trend to get patients out of the
August 2019

Patients and prayer amid medical practice

Fleming. Some cultures may have mores and languages that may affect communication and ultimately physician-patient interaction. ... setting I haven't been thoughtful in how to deal with the patient.”.
October 2012

Doctor yoga

Flow refers to the transition between parts of the visit, and pacing, to a perception of the patient (or yoga student) as much as to any objective rate. ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews.
August 2019

Knife dancing

aiding the patient in their convalescence.• Hewing to principles of safety and organizational efficiency, while being unafraid to venture out of the box when changed situations demand it. ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication,
August 2019

Getting the gist

Patient A remembers the risk as 10%, while Patient B remembers a 0% risk. ... Even though Patient B's recollection is numerically closer to correct, it's less useful, because Patient A has correctly understood the gist that the surgery holds some
August 2019


Timeline. The consultant note read: Weight 250 lb. BMI 40.3. Patient is morbidly obese. ... My patient went to the specialist and was labeled as being“ morbidly obese,” and given counseling on the obvious (although I suspect the specialist just
August 2019

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