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Obtaining the HPI, a #meded opportunity

Then after lunch we had one more admission. A student presented the story, and then I took the intern and two students to see the patient. ... This includes body language, reading the patient, and stressing details. We should understand that patients
November 2019


You are not a “homeless lady.”. You are not a “psych patient.”.
November 2019

Lowering physician and patient satisfaction 1 click at a time

Moreover, studies suggest that newly graduating physicians are spending an absolute minimum amount of time every day in direct patient care (as little as 10%). ... Make no mistake, we have witnessed something of a disaster happen in terms of what
November 2019

Forgive me

A patient's prayer, Psalm 102. [None of the anecdotes in this post are descriptions of any specific patient. ... But it seems to me that mental health professionals can only clarify the patient's goals and feelings, clarify if the ethical damage can be
November 2019

Painfully aware

She didn't look well. No one "looks well" sitting in an crowded ER, but she really didn't look good. At first glance from across the room I ...
November 2019

Do we need a talking cure?

Do we need a talking cure? The New York Times has just launched a new blog, "Doctors and Patients Start Talking," with the goal of healing the confidence and communication gap
November 2019

Paging Dr. Big Brother

Patients who fail to take their medications properly suffer unnecessary complications, raise health care costs and drive their physicians nu...
November 2019

Why my patient left the office

Refer the patient to an expert colonoscopist at 1 of our nearby teaching institutions. ... I would anticipate many questions from the patient and any family member who might be present.
November 2019

Taking a drink: what patients should know

The discussion should change for any patient with a strong family history of cancer or with increased risk of cancer. ... For each individual, it should be based on that patient's personal medical history, their preferences and values, their family
January 2013

Dismissing preferences?

Dismissing preferences? At the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare, which I just returned from, there was a discussion continuously coursing beneath the surface and bubbling up every once in a ... His research interests include
November 2019

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