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QD: News Every Day--1 in 20 adult outpatients misdiagnosed annually

The second used an algorithm to detect a lack of follow-up of abnormal clinical findings for colorectal cancer. ... A third study examined consecutive cases of lung cancer in 2 institutions.
April 2020

Good news from SCOTUS on gene patents, but questions remain

What goes unaddressed by the justices is the patentability of cDNA based on common genetic variants in cancer. ... in lung cancer diagnosis, treatment decisions and development of new targeted drugs.
April 2020

Start the new year by dumping your multivitamin

Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A. A randomized trial in smokers found that a high dose beta-carotene supplement significantly increased the risk of lung cancer. ... Another randomized study in asbestos workers showed that supplementation with
April 2020

New test detects MRSA within 24 hours

Prescribing information for Exubera (insulin human rDNA origin) was updated to reflect new reports of lung cancer in patients who used the inhaled insulin product. ... Six of 4,740 Exubera patients in clinical trials were diagnosed with lung cancer,
June 2008

Doctors choose Camel cigarettes in an old TV commercial

Her views on medicine are informed by her past experiences in caring for patients, as a researcher in cancer immunology and as a patient who's had breast cancer.
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--More surviving cancer due to earlier detection, better treatments

QD: News Every Day--More surviving cancer due to earlier detection, better treatments. ... While lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women, a low survival rate makes it the number
April 2020

A JAMA briefing on comparative effectiveness and helicopters that allows time for questions

The subjects were, on paper, shockingly dull: on carboplatin and paclitaxel w/ and w/out bevacizumab (Avastin) in older patients with lung cancer; on survival in adults who receive helicopter vs. ... This is crucial, I know this from my prior experience
April 2020

Warning on diabetes drugs, approval of adjuvant flu vaccine

The drug was previously approved for melanoma and non-small-cell lung cancer. ... Necitumumab (Portrazza) in combination with 2 forms of chemotherapy to treat metastatic squamous non-small-cell lung cancer.
February 2016

A rant on the hopelessly ill and how mass media could help

I spent hours this week convincing an ethics consultant that doing chest compressions on a 90-year-old non-verbal demented woman with lung cancer and, most importantly, critical aortic stenosis,
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Overdiagnosis and the potential for harming patients

Between five and 15 will be overdiagnosed and receive treatments for a non-problematic cancer. ... In the past year alone, studies large and small have looked atand is it effective for men), whether false positives from CT scans for lung cancer do more
April 2020

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