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Heart disease is not hypothetical

Imagine a commentary arguing that, in theory, one particular compound or group of compounds in cigarettes is not responsible for emphysema, or lung cancer. ... But we know for sure that cigarettes, per se, are overwhelmingly linked to both emphysema and
April 2020

Screening for lung cancer can be easier said than done

Lung cancer screening has been recommended for high-risk patients for five years now, but implementing those recommendations in clinical practice isn't always easy. ... Do you find lung cancer screening a challenge? What are your thoughts on #MeToo in
May 2018

Diet, and delusions of evidence

A short list of the things we could not know under those conditions includes: that cigarettes cause lung cancer or emphysema; that breathing every hour is necessary for survival; that water
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Get cancer, keep smoking, what does it take to quit?

Patients continue to smoke after their diagnosis, including nearly one in seven lung cancer patients, a study found. ... Another possibility is that oncology providers are more likely to talk to patients with lung cancer about quitting.".
April 2020

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACPINTERNIST Our featured stories this month tackle ...

To continue our pulmonary theme, one of our inside features examines the potentiallink between gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and lung disease. ... What do you think about e-cigarettes? How have you addressed the new guidanceon lung cancer
February 2014

Rapid demise

life. This is fairly straightforward with cancer diagnoses, which are staged precisely and tend to move along predictable trajectories. ... One recent study even showed that lung cancer patients randomly assigned to treatment and palliative care outlived
April 2020

Safety nets catch at-risk patients

Desai explained how the academic tertiary care center developed ambulatory safety nets for patients at risk for colon cancer and lung cancer. ... A second safety net aims to prevent lung cancer by focusing on incidental lung nodules.
January 2020

The last nail in the coffin for multivitamins

There is no reason to take vitamins or minerals for cancer or cardiovascular disease prevention. ... And the review highlighted the harms of some vitamins. β-carotene and vitamin A increase lung cancer risk in smokers, and vitamin E increases the risk
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Eight common carcinogens come into dispute

Cobalt-tungsten carbide in powder and hard metal form showed limited evidence of lung cancer in workers involved its manufacturing. ... Riddelliine has been found to cause cancer of the blood vessels in rats and mice, leukemia and liver cancer in rats,
April 2020

WHO classifies processed meats as carcinogenic

After all, the evidence that smoking causes lung cancer was all based on epidemiological (non-randomized) studies. ... Wired). Red Meats Linked to Cancer, Global Health Group Says (Wall Street Journal).
April 2020

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