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An October birth: the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance

Only lung cancer accounts for more cancer deaths among women. Almost all deaths from breast cancer occur in women with Stage 4 disease. ... I’m delighted to see an example of breast cancer agencies working together, constructively.
April 2020

Of course cancer isn't random

But to call cancer random because a child rarely gets retinoblastoma or glioblastoma, or because a non-smoker gets lung cancer would be like calling injury from violence “random” because of ... In such ways, then, cancer can be “random”, but
April 2020

The concept of conflict, run amok

fat becomes all dietary ills must be blamed on carbohydrate; nutrient supplements can cure cancer becomes nutrient supplements are worthless; globalism becomes nationalism and then, we may hope, back again. ... My answer would be: leading experts. After
April 2020

Approval for cancer drug; proposed ban for gloves

Crizotinib (Xalkori) to treat people with metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer whose tumors have an ROS-1 gene alteration. ... This is the first FDA-approved treatment for patients with ROS-1 positive non-small-cell lung cancer.
May 2016

QD: News Every Day--Cancer rates rise by 75% even as specific types of disease fall

Results appeared in The Lancet Oncology on June 1. Worldwide, rates of colorectal cancer, female breast cancer, female lung cancer and prostate cancer will rise in highly developed areas. ... Meanwhile, stomach cancer, cervical cancer and lung cancer in
April 2020

Does communicating with patients take too much time?

No sooner did her opening words "I am a lung cancer survivor" get out of her mouth and the physician was off to the races apparently assuming that her being in ... the ER was due to her cancer.
April 2020

Examining the annual exam

More robust evidence and stronger expert opinion favor blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol monitoring, various cancer screening, and certain immunizations. ... encounter. Rather, there will be a blank space on some spreadsheet where a diagnosis of
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Low-dose CT may overdiagnose indolent lung cancers

chest radiography among more than 53,000 people at high risk for lung cancer, to derive the estimate of overdiagnosis. ... There is no “watchful waiting” for lung cancer, the authors noted, and early stage lesions are treated aggressively because
April 2020

Smoking: A half century of knowing we should quit

Smoking: A half century of knowing we should quit. In 1950, Ernst Wynder, MD, and colleagues began to produce convincing data that cigarette smoking caused lung cancer. ... In 1964, the Surgeon General reported that cigarette smoking was the most
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Chemotherapy, reimbursement and the law of unintended consequences

The pilot project involved oncologists in five practices located across the country will compare patient outcomes such as emergency room visits, side effects and outcomes for each type of cancer. ... But can payers influence physician prescribing habits?
April 2020

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