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The bad, the ugly and the good of electronic health records

I have had patients write me to correct their family histories, immunizations and allergies. ... My EHR automatically generates a document that includes the med list, allergies, and any procedures done during the visit and lists each problem with which
July 2013

Climate change and consultation training

The health effects of climate change include increased air pollution, increased incidence of infectious disease (insect- and tick-borne and waterborne), prolonged allergy seasons, heat waves, food insecurity and malnutrition, and
January 2017

Experts discuss crisis of antimicrobial resistance

Solomon said. The answer is that in addition to the population-level risks of resistance, patients face individual risks of side effects, allergies, and negative impacts on the microbiome from unnecessary
September 2015

Editor's Note: Small-practice series highlights day-to-day struggles

related illnesses and severe allergies.
June 2008


Now. Do I think folks should be calling off for sniffles or allergies?
September 2020

Occam's Razor burn

She has a history of bad environmental allergies. It turns out that Mrs. ... Her dry skin is related to allergies, which everyone in my town seems to have, and the constipation is irritable bowel syndrome she’s having related to stress in her life.
September 2020

Thoughts for interns and residents

They want to learn too! 7. Respect Drug Allergies. Be meticulous about allergy documentation. ... Get the details of allergies and make sure you document newly diagnosed allergies and their manifestations in the medical record (and on the patient's wrist
September 2020

Rapid blood test to detect MRSA

Cetirizine hydrochloride (Zyrtec), to be sold over the counter under store-brand labels for allergy and hive relief.
February 2008

The e-prescribing paradox

When looking for an e-prescribing system, make sure it includes drug-benefit checking, formulary checking, medication history from outside sources, drug-drug and drug-allergy checking, and bi-directional electronic
February 2011

Internal medicine can slow climate change, improve health

There are reports of increasing frequency of allergy symptoms and asthma exacerbation today.
July 2016

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