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Influenza featured at infectious disease meeting

Talbot said. “They said, ‘You can't decline. If you say you're egg-allergic, we're going to offer free testing in our allergy clinic.
January 2010

Rhode Island practice adopts patient-centered medical home

results, consultant notes, prescriptions and allergies,” said David S.
September 2010

Mandated flu vaccines may be ‘new norm’ in health care

severe allergy to the vaccine or its components or a history of Guillain-Barré syndrome within 6 weeks of an influenza vaccine.
October 2015

Two key questions guide H. pylori treatment

As for penicillin allergy, expect this to be a rarity. “Up to 10% of the adult U.S. ... If there's no penicillin allergy but the patient has previously received a macrolide, then bismuth quadruple therapy would be ideal, Dr.
July 2018

Army physicians on the front line of infectious disease research

researchers. The Army-sponsored trial was funding by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), NIH, and the U.S.
February 2010

Seeing the whole diagnostic picture

her for food allergies; all tests were negative.
April 2010

Managing gluten sensitivity can mean managing patient expectations

The first consideration in dealing with this situation, experts say, is to try to rule out other conditions that could be causing a patient's GI symptoms, including wheat allergy, celiac
September 2014

Gardasil is good

Does your child have food intolerances and allergies, or some other auto-immune problem? ... child is otherwise healthy and robust." Allergies and "auto-immune" problems aren't relevant.
September 2020

Shared accountability

For example, it would not be reasonable (or be indicative of high quality care!) to give aspirin to a patient with an aspirin allergy, so patients with aspirin allergy are excluded
September 2020

The bad, the ugly and the good of electronic health records

I have had patients write me to correct their family histories, immunizations and allergies. ... My EHR automatically generates a document that includes the med list, allergies, and any procedures done during the visit and lists each problem with which
July 2013

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